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Ping G400 Irons Review

Ping G400 Irons

Ping G400 irons feature Cor-Eye Technology and provide tour-like performance when it comes to distance.

Ping have developed the G range by adding new technologies to extract even more performance, without sacrificing from the foregiveness that golfers have loved from past models.

The G400 irons are accompanied by drivers, woods and hybrids in the most comprehensive range yet.

What Ping say about the G400 irons:

“The G400 iron delivers phenomenal performance,” said John K. Solheim. “We like to call it our ‘game enjoyment’ iron because it’s so much fun to play.”

“It provides tour-level performance while being very easy to hit and extremely forgiving with an amazing feel. Some golfers are seeing distance improvements as much as 15 yards, yet it is launching much higher and landing softer to give them more control.”

Ping’s marketing adds: “Face-flexing technology launches the ball faster and higher to give you tour-level distance and stopping power with forgiveness and feel.

“The multi-material G400 iron flexes like a catapult as COR-Eye Technology and a top rail undercut launch shots extremely high and far with tighter dispersion.

Ping G400 Irons Design

The G400 irons take things up a notch as they move to a multi-material product that is thinner and flexes significantly more than its predecessor the G Max and G irons.

Ping G400 Irons

The use of hyper 17-4 stainless-steel to create the irons is behind the game-changing improvements, which according to Ping flex “like a catapult” and combine with the COR-Eye Technology used in previous versions to help create and even higher ball launch and increased distances as a result.

The G400s produce 18% more flexing for hotter ball speeds and Ping predict that the powerful combination produces height of shots that actually mimic using two clubs less thanks to the G400 irons producing that higher launch and distance gains.

The irons come with an undercut cavity back from which the COR-Eye Technology creates that flex through impact, while a concealed weight allows golfers to customise the clubs to suit their swing weight.

The irons should perform 40% better, in spin rate terms, in wet conditions and from the rough making them a potential game-changing from all parts of the course. The generous sole also helps get through the ball from any lie, a follow on from previous versions of the G range.

Ping G400 Irons

Ping’s Ascending Weight Technology shafts get heavier from long irons to wedges to help keep the club face square and improve trajectory control and feel that tour stars love.

G400 Irons Verdict

The G400 irons are an impressive upgrade on previous models in the G range with the flexing COR-Eye technology a real winner when it comes to extracting even more distance from your irons.

You will find that the G400 have got a better sound and feel than previous Ping irons, perform better in all conditions and have been cleverly designed.

All-in-all, the Ping G400s are a solid iron that can add plenty to your game and add a touch of distance without taking away any of the forgiveness.

Ping G400 Irons

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Are the Ping G400 irons forgiving?

The G400s are a very forgiving iron. While Ping have focused on extracting more distance with the latest technologies, they have detracted from the foregiveness that the G range has been known for.

What are the Ping G400 irons specs?

4-Iron38 7/8"20.5°19.0°60.2°0.29"5.0°D0
5-Iron38 1/4"23.5°22.0°61.1°0.26"6.0°D0
6-Iron37 5/8"26.5°25.0°62.1°0.23"7.0°D0
8-Iron36 1/2"34.5°32.5°63.8°0.18"9.0°D0
PW35 1/2"44.5°42.5°65.1°0.13"12.0°D2
UW35 1/2"49.5°47.5°65.1°0.11"12.0°D2
SW35 1/4"54.0°52.5°65.4°0.09"13.0°D3

How much do Ping G400 irons cost?

The G400 irons price varies from retailer to retailer and can be purchased for a full set of irons for around £500/$650. You can find the best prices on Ping irons available here.