The Putter Ball Review

Putter Ball is a new age pong game that can be played anywhere

The new age game that is proving popular.

Putter Ball

The Putter Ball is a new age golf pong game and a dream game for everyday parties. Is it worth the money?

First Impression

From the first person perspective, putter ball is definitely a new age golf Pong Game with some unique advancement from its predecessor.

Prima facie quality of the mat is one step ahead of other putter mat available in the market in this bracket of price tag.

Another most notable feature, it is convenient for both outdoor and indoor game series. Easy to play, difficult to get rid out of.

Putter Ball Pros

List of its pros goes as long as it mat length, which is definitely a considering factor for this putter ball and this feature makes it stand out from its general competitors.

PutterBall is a modern revolutionary mini golf game which anyone can play without any guide and ambiguity.

Fit for your backyard, rooftop, street match, beach, office and anywhere else you want to enjoy! Ideal for any less rated event or low-key day, it will definitely make your day.

Suitable for any age bracket:

Convenience is the major reason for the popularity of putter ball among any age group. From children to grandpa’s , it’s easy to play makes it stand out and perfect piece of gift to present in a party.

Putter Ball

Take it anywhere:

It comes with an adjustable size, so you can take it almost anywhere you want. Either in the backyard or the beach. For ultimate golf players, it is like a gift from heaven. Its ultra portability makes every outdoor game full of cheers and beers.

Ready to play within seconds:

It is super simple, convenient and quick to set up. Just Simply take it out from the carrying case, unfold on the ground with a labelled surface, equipped with all the utilities you’re ready to rock in game!

Built to last long:

It is made of top notch industry quality and high-density foam with global standards imprinted on the box. It makes a putter ball extremely durable and lightweight, despite its terribly good size. Play how you would like to, PutterBall is built to last longer than expectations!

Precise markings:

Putters are set on the exact standard, which you will not find in general products. Its pinpoint measurement makes it capable of practicing before any High voltage match. It will give you a set of courage in golf.

Affordable price:

Another reason for the popularity of putter ball lies in the fact that it comes under a very affordable price range which you generally do not expect from such brands.

Putter Ball Cons

Though, it has many pros to mention, but cons of PutterBall also to be considered before making a purchase. Although they are not as grave as other said mats in the market, somehow it is manageable under such a price tag. Yet some people find the putter ball not worthy. So let’s find its cons.

Putter Ball

Color of the mat:

Many people find the color of the mat as oversaturated. Which is somewhat true with its dye. But after a week, its color got the touch as it is like original grass. I think it is to be included in its pros but people find it as its cons.

Length of the putter:

Though the pack includes 2 putters, but their length is not suitable for kids, they found it something strange to grab in hand. Yet its handles are well rubberized so that no harm can be seen in future from putters.

What the Putter Ball set includes?

  • PutterBall portable turf board
  • Two standard (31-inch) mini golf putters. Good for both right/left handed players
  • Two standard PutterBall logo performance golf balls
  • 12 turf hole covers (which should to be placed over a hole when that cup is made out)

Product’s detail

Brand ‎- PutterBall
Width – ‎25 Inches
Height – ‎8.5 Inches
Weight – ‎18 Pounds
Manufacturer – ‎PutterBall

What professionals say about Putter Ball

Phil Mickelson: “I love the Putter Ball putting mat, great for rainy day practice, really considerable.”

Collin Morikawa: “I am have been using it non stop from last year, my colleague also find it unparalleled by any other mats they have ever seen in market.”

Tommy Fleetwood: “There is definitely something unique and special about this Putter Ball pong game which makes me to practice again and again, with it also appropriate for small parties.”


The Putter Ball is one the best mats I have personally seen. With valid distances, precise alignment and thrilling roll back, you have almost everything you need to enjoy your party and on the same , improve your putting skills.

There is no doubt that Putter Ball will help in your putting, especially in order with distance control, but also the exact figure it can shave off your handicap will depend on the hours you put in the hole.

Putter Ball is really worth the money, and definitely need for your party. Just go for it.