RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball Review

The MS-Tour has been designed to suit golfers with medium swing speeds


The RZN MS-Tour ball is one of four models released as part of the return of the form Nike brand in 2020

The RZN brand was formed in 2006 and operated on a research and development relationship for Nike. Since Nike ended its golf equipment sales in 2016, RZN balls disappeared from the shelves.

Now they are back with the original developers now manufacturing the balls, with the MS-Tour model joined by the HS-Tour, Distance and Speed models.

What RZN say about the MS-Tour golf ball:

“RZN MS-Tour is a three piece tour performance golf ball with soft urethane cover and 3D speed lock technology.


“Designed with state of the art technology of the RZN Brand. Expect a soft and powerful tour ball targeted for medium swing speeds players.

“What to Expect: Long distance on all long irons, woods and driver, our lowest compression Tour Core Formulation (for) soft feel on all shots.

“Good Control all around the green, reduced air drag due to Micro Dimple Surface, high grip in wet conditions and bigger alignment for easier aiming while putting.”

RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball Design

The MS-Tour ball is one of two options in the RZN Tour range. This options has been designed for players with a medium swing speed, which is the reason for its name.


The MS ball is a three piece construction and features a low compression design to maximise distance from a soft ball.

The RZN MS ball has a urethane cover and features 3D speed lock technology to help produce the distance golfers are looking for.

Like the HS-Tour, the MS model has 13,558 micro-dimples to reduce drag and provide unrivalled carry and distances from the tee and with irons.

The alignment line on the ball has been made bigger and easy to use than in previous models under the Nike banner.


RZN MS-Tour Ball Verdict

The MS-Tour is an extremely value for money ball. If you are in the market for a soft ball at a reasonable price, this could be the answer.

RZN have come up with a ball that helps maximise distance for players specifically with a medium swing speed. You don’t have to swing hard and fast to get the most out of your game.

It is a durable ball, despite being low compression and soft, and stands up well against similar products on the market – just with a cheaper price tag.

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What is the construction of the RZN MS-Tour balls?

The MS-Tour balls are a three-piece construction. They are a soft ball and the lowest compression available from RZN.

What swing speed does the RZN MS-Tour suit?

The MS-Tour balls have been designed for golfers with a medium swing speed. That is the where the model gets its name from. The low compression and 3D speed lock technology helps produce maximum distance from a soft ball.

How much do RZN MS-Tour balls costs?

The HS-Tour balls cost $33.60/£24.99 for a dozen.