RZN Golf Balls Review

RZN balls feature four separate models


RZN Golf Balls are back on the market, with the former Nike model now a brand in its own right having been launched by the former developers.

The RZN brand was formed in 2006 and operated on research and development relationship for Nike, helping to win more than 50 professional tournaments including four majors during a time in Tiger Woods’ bag.

Not mentioning Nike specifically, despite the fact they pulled out of golf in 2016, RZN say: “Since our customer made its strategic business decision to transition out of golf equipment in August of 2016, we have made our commitment to take over the production of golf balls and keep supplying premium golf balls to golfers of every level.”

When it comes to ball choice, RZN have four models to choose from. The HS-Tour, MS-Tour, RZN Distance and RZN Speed make up the range. You can read about each below.

RZN HS-Tour Golf Ball


The RZN HS ball has been designed for golfers with a high swing speed. That is where the HS name comes from.

The HS model is a four piece ball, and benefits from a soft urethane cover and a 3D resin outer core. The HS Tour ball has 13,558 micro-dimples and provides the kind of spin levels desired by tour players.

RZN MS-Tour Golf Ball


The MS-Tour ball gets its name from the player it is aimed at, one with a medium swing speed.

The MS ball is a three-piece ball with a soft urethane cover and the lowest compression of the tour range. It features RZN’s 3D speed lock technology to maximise distance without compromising on the soft feel.

RZN Distance Golf Ball

RZN Distance

The Distance ball from RZN is another three piece model and, as the name suggests, is all about maximising distance from all shots – whether from the tee or with irons.

The Distance model has a tough and resilient ionomer cover to pierce the air and ensure the maximum distance. You still get a soft feel around the greens.

RZN Speed Golf Ball

RZN Speed

The RZN Speed ball combines distance and feel impressively for a two piece value golf ball.

The core is wider than in other models and features rubber compositions, while the ionomer cover is strong and durable. You can expect low long game spin with the Speed model, coupled with a high trajectory.

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