Srixon Z785 Driver Review

An attractive driver producing impressive ball speeds

Srixon Z785 Driver

Srixon has added the Srixon Z785 driver to the top end of their range of clubs and it strikes an instant attraction.

The driver is part of the Srixon Z85 series, a well thought out range which also includes the ZF85 woods, ZH85 hybrid and Z585 irons and Z785 irons.

Srixon have attempted to extract more ball speed and distance from the game of golfers and if you looking for an impressive performer to add to your bag, then the Z785 driver could be the one for you.

Srixon Z785 Driver Design

The Z785 driver replaces the Z565 with Srixon have improved on the popular design.

Designers have opted to replace the titanium crown from the Z565 and introduce a carbon crown in the Z785 driver.

The lightweight crown has been coupled with the new titanium cup face, which is the key feature of this driver, and it means the club is 10% lighter than previous versions.

As a result, golfers can generate the increased ball speeds that Srixon are striving for as the selling point of this driver and the range as a whole.

Srixon Z785 Driver

With a 9.5 or 10.5 degree loft, which can be adjusted 2 degrees either way, the Z785 produces a lower ball flight than before.

That also helps add distance, while at the same time produces less spin than previous making it incredibly forgiving.

Z785 Driver Verdict

The new series from Srixon is seriously impressive, and the driver is integral to that.

Ball speed is what the objective was when Srixon were creating the Z85 series, and the Z785 produces impressive speeds and added distance as a result.

The price point the driver is being sold at is equally attractive and Srixon have really come up with a product that sites perfect in the mid-market space.

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