Srixon Z785 Irons Review

High performing irons suited to better players

Srixon Z785 irons are the latest addition to the market having been released as part of the all-new Z85 Series.

The Srixon Z85 series features the features the Z785 Driver, ZF85 Woods, ZU85 Hybrid, Z585 and Z785 Irons and the ZU65 Utility iron. The entire range is being priced competitively as Srixon look for an increased share of the market.

Srixon are specifically targeting increased ball speed and distance with the Z85 range and the Z785 irons certainly live up to that.

Srixon Z785 Irons

The Z785 Irons are best suited to lower handicap golfers who like to shape shots and enjoy versatility from their irons.

While the Srixon Z585 irons, also released in this range as an improvement on its predecessor in the Z65 range, are targeted at golfers of all abilities, the Z785s are the club of choice for players more confident with their ball striking.

They are cavity back in look, like the Z585s, but the Z785s are actually a muscle-back option and what Srixon describe as “Tour Cavity”. The design of the Z785s has changed from previous models with the weight in the back being moved to create an overall better performing iron.

Srixon Z585 & Z785 Irons

Srixon have moved that weight towards the toe, so that the irons now have more muscle located centrally. The end result is an iron which produces higher ball launch and improved performance.

There is also a change to the sole to provide improved interaction with the turf. The Srixon Tour V.T. Sole helps ball striking and provides an improved feel on shots.

“The Z785 irons are yet another step forward for Srixon as we continue to produce some of the highest-performing irons designed for better players,” said Jeff Brunski, Srixon’s Vice President of Research and Development.

“The forged carbon steel Z785 muscle-backs are the best feeling irons we’ve ever made, featuring best-in-class turf interaction from the Tour V.T. Sole and enhanced control from deeper, sharper grooves.”

The ZU85 Utility iron, Srixon’s driving iron option, can also be used in conjunction with the Z785s and added to your bag.

Srixon Z785 Irons Verdict

The Z785 irons are a high performing product and will be the choice of the tour stars using Srixon clubs.

The muscle-back option has a cavity-like look to it, but it is the perfect option when it comes to a desire to shape shots.

The Z785s aren’t suited to everyone, higher handicappers would be better using the Z585 irons, but lower handicap golfers should definitely consider the Z785s as a premium iron.

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