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Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes Review

Stromberg Tempo Shoes

Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes are an impressive golf shoe with plenty of strong attributes. takes a look.

A stylish 100% waterproof golfing shoe with a mesh and TU Upper, cushioned EVA midsole, and a strong spikeless outsole, Stromberg have come up with an top class summer shoe.

With a smart and sleek design, three colour options and a bouncy cushioning while walking the course, the Tempo range is a good choice for the drier summer months.

What Stromberg say about the Tempo Spikeless Shoes:

“Athletically styled for performance with a mesh and TPU upper that offers 100% waterproof protection from the elements.

“The shoe has a low profile EVA midsole for high-rebound cushioning and stability. Plus a specifically moulded EVA insole that provides maximum walking comfort to reduce fatigue during your game of golf.

“For maximum performance the shoe features a durable spikeless outsole that provides multi-direction grip and control for stability throughout the golf swing.”

Stromberg Tempo Shoes

Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes Design & Features

Stromberg are known for their golf clothing, and now have some eye catching summer golf shoes to add to the offering.

A Spikeless design with a multi direction grip ensures you get plenty of traction through each shot.

Comfort is the key design feature in the Tempo range with an EVA midsole designed for cushioning and a midsole designed to ease the burden on your feet through a round.

Stromberg Tempo Shoes

The Stromberg shoes feature a mesh and TPU upper combination for a lightweight finish. They are also 100% waterproof.

These shoes come in three colour options – either black with lime trimmings, white with red and navy trimmings, or white with royal blue trimmings.

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If you are looking for a summer golf shoe built for style and comfort, Stromberg have come up with a reasonably priced option.

Stromberg Tempo Shoes

This waterproof shoe can also deal with wet grass from dew or rain and provides traction in all conditions.

These are more comfortable for walking than spiked golf shoes and are a great choice for a summer option.


What is the warranty on the Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes?

This waterproofing comes with a 12-month guarantee.

How much does the Stromberg Tempo Spikeless Shoes cost?

Expect to find prices in the range of $94.99 / £68.50 to $109.99 / £79.00.