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Titleist U-Series Hybrid Irons Review

Titleist U-Series hybrid irons have been launched with unveiling of the U500 and U510 irons.

The leading manufacturer has been busy over recent months with new products flowing off the production line, and the latest is the hybrid irons for long game improvements.

Following the launch of the T100 irons, T200 irons and T300 irons, the U500 and U510 have been produced after requests from Titleist’s tour ambassadors for long iron options.

Titleist believe the new utility clubs offer “more distance than a standard irons” but “less spin than a hybrid” and promised that they deliver “that one shot you need precisely when you need it (with) game-changing long iron performance”.

Titleist U500 Irons

Titleist U500 Irons

The Titleist U500 hybrid iron comes with three loft options – 17 degree (2-iron), 20 degree (3-iron) or 23 degree (4-iron) options.

It is described as providing superior shot-making and that comes thanks to the clever design of the irons.

The high density tungsten weighting in the club head has been strategically designed to create a greater balance. The super thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert, meanwhile, provides maximum ball speed on strikes.

Titleist ambassador Adam Scott said: “It’s hard to get your head around what the club can do, it’s unbelievable.”

Titleist U510 Irons

Titleist U510 Irons

The second option in the Titleist U-Series hybrid irons series is the U510 irons and it is the bigger of the two versions thanks to a “muscular iron shape”.

The club head is longer, thicker and deeper than the U500, and is a much more forgiving iron as a result.

The high density tungsten weighting provides a high launch, and the super thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert creates even more ball speed than the U500.

There is four loft options with a 1-iron available set to 16 degrees, as well as 18 degree (2-iron), 20 degree (3-iron) or 22 degree (4-iron) versions.

“I mean, this thing went high, and it is crazy fast,” said Justin Thomas, another Titleist ambassador and major winner.