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Titleist U510 Irons Review

Titleist U510 irons have been launched as part of the U-Series as the leading manufacturer seek to provide new game-improving long irons.

The U510s are hybrid irons and form part of the U-Series along with the Titleist U500 irons.

Titleist came up with the two new long irons following requests from tour stars who wanted greater options.

The Titleist U510 irons are available in 1-iron, 2-iron, 3-iron and 4-iron, and are being officially described as a utility club that offer “more distance than a standard irons” but “less spin than a hybrid”.

Titleist promise that the U510 irons deliver “that one shot you need precisely when you need it (with) game-changing long iron performance”.

Titleist U510 Irons

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Titleist U510 Irons Design

Compared to the sister U500 iron, the U510s are significantly the bigger of the two versions thanks to what is being described as a “muscular iron shape”.

The club head is longer, thicker and deeper than the U500, and is a much more forgiving iron as a result.

The high density tungsten weighting provides a high launch, and the super thin forged SUP-10 L-Face insert creates even more ball speed than the U500.

There is four loft options with a 1-iron (which is not an option in the U500s) available set to 16 degrees, as well as 18 degree (2-iron), 20 degree (3-iron) or 22 degree (4-iron) versions.

Titleist U510 Irons

Titleist U510 Hybrid Irons Verdict

There is an awful lot to like about the Titleist U510 hybrid irons, which ambassador and major winner Justin Thomas is raving about.

“I mean, this thing went high, and it is crazy fast,” said Thomas.

The sheer size of the club head, even when not comparing it to the U500 irons, really does provide confidence over the ball on those tricky long iron shots.

The high launch and impressive distance that the U510s can provide will give golfers so many more options from fairways or tee boxes.

The U510 may be the preferred choice in the U-Series due to the fact it comes with a 1-iron option.

Couple that with just how forgiving they are and golfers seeking long irons to add to the bag should seriously consider the U510s.

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