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Home » Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges Review (NEW 2024 Release)

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges Review (NEW 2024 Release)

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges Review

Vice Golf VGW01 wedges were launched in 2024 as the company’s first foray into golf clubs. Do they live up to the promise of improving your short game and lowering scores?

Vice Golf, known for their high-quality golf balls, has expanded their product line with the introduction of the VGW01 wedges along with new irons and putters.

The wedges are high in quality being crafted from triple-forged carbon steel and provided precise feedback and optimized turf interaction when we tried them out.

Are the outlay? How do they rate compared to the best golf wedges on the market? And should you consider adding the wedge set to your bag this season?

Vice Golf VGW01 Design & Specs

The VGW01 wedges are a nice looking new addition and have been crafted from a triple-forged steel clubhead with a CNC milled face.

The clubhead has been designed with an eye-catching rounded edge look as well as full-face grooves you don’t see from other brands.

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges

The full-face grooves enhance control and spin in your short game and allow for better performance around the greens.

The wedges have been designed with optimize bounce on each loft to help reduce the chances of hitting fat or thin shots, particularly for handicap golfers opting to play the VGW01.

Vice have also designed the wedges with a progressively tapered toe and heel grinds to offer versatility and adaptability for various shot types.

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges

The design elements have been 10 years in the making and combine to create a wedge that is both forgiving and precise and ideal for amateur golfers looking to improve their short game.

The wedges are sold in three loft options of 50 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees. They are available in five colours: Lime, Red, Blue, White and Black.

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges Review: Are they any good?

The Vice Golf VGW01 wedges have been engineered with a data-driven approach and the end result is a forgiving and high-performing new option for handicap and everyday golfers.

The wedges have a very nice, almost classic feel to them and provide plenty of control thanks to the CNC milled face and full-face grooves.

Vice VGW01 Wedges

They are very adaptable and performance well from tight lies, rough around the green or bunkers with the progressively tapered toe and heel grinds providing shot-making possibilities.

While long-term durability and performance comparisons to established wedge brands remain to be seen over time, the Vice Golf VGW01 wedges are certainly an eye-catching new addition to the market.


How much does the Vice VGW01 wedge cost?

The wedges are sold at $150 in white and black colouring $155 in lime and $160 in red and blue.

What are the Vice VGW01 wedges specs and lofts?

The wedges are sold in three loft options of 50 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees.

What colours are the Vice VGW01 wedges available in?

The wedges are sold as a steel clubhead but with colouring to the rear and loft number. The available colours are Lime, Red, Blue, White and Black.

What Vice says about the VGW01 wedge:

“Using over 10 years of amateur fitting and testing data from HIO Labs in Germany, we’ve designed wedges ready to address the needs of everyday golfers.

“Common issues found during testing included poor distance control, thin shots, lack of spin, and not squaring the face at impact.

“Our triple-forged head and fully milled finish provide precise feedback, while full-face grooves ensure consistent spin rates.

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges

“The adjusted bounce and versatile toe/heel grinds improve turf interaction, promoting consistency. Play with equipment built for you.

“Greens in regulation happen fewer than 8 times per round for most amateur golfers. With the VGW01 wedges, get yourself right back in play and lower your scores.

“Informed by our philosophy of data-driven development that puts normal golfers at the heart of design and innovation to optimize clubs for everyday players, full-face grooves were a no-brainer.

Vice Golf VGW01 Wedges

“Not only do they give a feeling of comfort at address, but they also supply confidence in the player’s ability to open up the club face and create different types of shots.

Engineered with precision, progressively tapered toe and heel grinds throughout the set allow for additional shot-making possibilities.

“Providing a wedge set with toe and heel grinds that gradually increase with each loft encourages players to manipulate the standard bounce on the wedges at their disposal. We did this for two reasons: to offer incredibly versatile wedges, and to unlock your potential.”