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Cobra LTDx Woods Review

Cobra LTDx Woods

Cobra LTDx woods are part of the new Longest Total Distance range that is new for 2022. Are they really longer than any previous Cobra fairways?

The LTDx woods are joined by a family of drivers, hybrids and irons with three woods to choose from: the LTDx, LTDx LS and the LTDx Max.

Each of the three models offers something a little different from low spin to maximum distance, all with the promise of being Cobra’s longest yet.

What Cobra about the LTDx fairway woods:

“The LTDx Fairway is the ultimate distance fairway. A balance of front and back weighting creates the best combination of low spin, speed, and high launch for maximum carry with stopping power.

“The LTDx LS is our lowest spinning fairway designed for skilled players with fast swing speeds. A slightly larger profile, low launching 3-wood makes for an excellent driver replacement, while a tour shaped 5-wood allows for all-around workability.

“The LTDx MAX fairway blends fast ball speed with extreme forgiveness and features back and heel adjustable weights to provide more or less draw bias.”

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Cobra LTDx Woods Design & Features

Three options are available in the LTDx fairway woods range with the LTDx the standard model, the LTDx LS a low spin option and the LTDx Max designed to extra maximum distance.

All three feature PWR-COR Technology, which has been designed to distribute weight low and forward and produce faster ball speeds and less spin.

Also helping to generate the impressive ball speeds is a new lighter carbon crown.

The three fairway woods also feature Cobra’s HOT Face design that features 15 different zones of thickness to give a larger sweet spot to main ball speed from across the face.

Cobra LTDx Woods

The LTDx fairway has a high level of forgiveness and offers a natural ball flight and trajectory thanks to a 12g back weight working in harmony with the front weight.

This model offers a neutral to soft draw ball shape and is available in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood options.

The 3-wood is missing the Cobra baffler rails in order to work well for a sweeping, shallow swing, but the rails are more pronounced in the 5-wood and 7-wood to get through turf better.

Cobra LTDx LS Woods

The LTDx LS Fairway is the low spin model and has been designed for lower handicap and elite golfers with fastest swing speed.

This model has a larger clubhead than the LTDx and generates a low ball flight and impressive distance.

It is the most adjustable with two weights interchangeable. A 12g and 3g weight can switched with the heavier of the toe creating a fade when in the toe or a draw when positioned in the heel.

The LTDx LS is available in 3-wood and 5-wood options, again with no baffler rails on the former.

Cobra LTDx Max Woods

The LTDx Max woods are the highest launching of the trio of models and offers extreme forgiveness, the most of any of the three models.

The Max fairways feature 12g and 3g back and heel weights which are interchangeable to create differing amounts of draw bias with up to 11 yards in total.

Available in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood, the former has no baffler rails.

Verdict: Are Cobra LTDx Fairway Woods any good?

The LTDx woods, like the entire new range from Cobra for 2022, are impressive and made good gains on previous models.

Coming with the promise of the Longest Total Distance, all three rescues do help you extract more length from your game.

Whether you are looking for a lower ball flight or a higher trajectory or want to bring a draw to your game, you can find an ideal match in the comprehensive Cobra range.


What is the Cobra LTDx woods release date?

The new LTDx fairways will be released for general sale in February 2022.

How much do the Cobra LTDx fairway woods cost?

The cost of the woods has been revealed with each one priced at $299 / £229.

What are the Cobra LTDx woods specs?

The LTDx and LTDx Max are both available in 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood. The LTDx LS is only available in 3-wood and 5-wood.