Cobra LTDx Irons Review

Cobra LTDx irons are new for 2022 and are more forgiving and versatile than ever before

The most versatile and forgiving irons yet from Cobra.

Cobra LTDx Irons

Cobra LTDx irons are new for 2022 and are the most forgiving and versatile yet in the King range. How do they rate?

Replacing the Radspeed irons as the top model from Cobra, the new LTDx irons have been designed to cater for the needs of a wide variety of golfers.

Cobra have come up with a design that maximises power off the club face for the Longest Total Distance. The irons are joined in the series by LTDx drivers, fairway woods and hybrids.

What Cobra says about the LTDx irons:

“The power behind the LTDx irons begins at the core. A steel core bar centers the CG behind the hitting zone to deliver maximum power to the ball, and is suspended in a soft polymer to maintain exceptional feel.

The PWR-COR system creates our most flexible iron design for increased speed. The construction features a steel core bar that positions the CG behind the hitting zone to transfer more power to the ball.

Cobra LTDx Irons

“The core bar is fully suspended in a soft polymer to allow the face and sole to flex freely while maintaining exceptional feel.

“Our largest PWRSHELL Face increases the zone of maximum ball speed. The new face cup design features a 23% larger thin area to increase speed away from center, and wraps further onto the sole to promote a higher ball flight.

“CNC milling produces more accurate groove shapes to optimize spin and control for improved accuracy and stopping power into the green.”

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Cobra LTDx Irons Design & Features

The LTDx range from Cobra is all about adding weight right behind the hitting zone and, just the drivers, woods and hybrids, that is the key element in the irons.

Cobra King LTDx Irons

Cobra have come up with a PWR-COR system to unleash more ball speed from the new irons than any previous model in the King range.

They have achieved that by adding a steel core bar to centre the CG right behind the hitting zone, and the end result is maximum power from fairway, rough or off a tee peg.

Cobra have improved the performance off the face and ball speeds thanks to the largest PWRSHELL Face. It features a 23% larger thin area, which moves weight closer to the heel and promotes a higher ball flight.

Cobra LTDx Irons

The LTDx range also features CNC milled grooves more accurate in shape for more spin and control than in previous King Series models.

The LTDx irons are available in three models: the LTDx, the LTDx One Length and the LTDx Ladies.

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Verdict: Are the Cobra LTDx irons any good?

The new irons from Cobra come with the promise of Longest Total Distance and they have achieved that by making the LTDx’s more forgiving.

Cobra LTDx Irons

By reducing the spin from the latest irons and shifting weight, Cobra have managed to extract more carry and a much more piercing ball flight than in previous models.

Available in the now-to-be-expected One Length option too, Cobra have added an interesting new option to the market. They are a step up on the Radspeeds and highly recommended.


What is the Cobra LTDx irons release date?

The new LTDx irons will be released for general sale in February 2022.

How much do the Cobra LTDx irons cost?

The cost of the irons has been revealed with a set costing £799 / $1077 for men’s and £769 / $1036 for women’s.

What are the Cobra LTDx irons specs?

The LTDx irons are available in 4 iron to pitching wedge as well as gap wedge and sand wedge options. The women’s set is 6-iron to pitching wedge and a sand wedge.