Cobra LTDx Hybrids Review

The new LTDx hybrids produce Cobra's Longest Total Distance

The LTDx hybrids are the Longest Total Distance yet from Cobra.

Cobra LTDx Hybrid

Cobra LTDx hybrids are new for 2022 and the Longest Total Distance yet. How do they rate compared to the Radspeed hybrids?

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Part of the new LTDx series that also features drivers, fairway woods and irons, the hybrids are Cobra’s longest performing rescue clubs.

With a new PWR-COR weighting system and improved face design, these are all about producing explosive ball speed and distance never achieved before.

What Cobra says about the LTDx hybrids:

“The LTDx hybrids are built to help you power through any lie. Swing confidently with a faster face design fueled by PWRSHELL, and Baffler rails that glide effortlessly through all turf conditions – tight lies, rough and even bunkers.

“A tungsten PWR-COR weight is positioned low and forward for faster ball speed with reduced spin. The addition of a fixed back weight perfectly balances low spin with high launch and extreme forgiveness for ultimate distance.

Cobra LTDx Rescue

“A new H.O.T Face design is precisely tuned for speed using machine learning. Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we’ve created 15 different zones with perfected thicknesses to increase ball speed across a larger area of the face.

“Our fastest and highest launching hybrid fueled by PWRSHELL. A thin face cup design creates up to 17% more flex for increased speed, and wraps onto the sole to promote a higher ball flight.”

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Cobra LTDx Hybrids Design & Features

Cobra have unleashed more distance from the LTDx rescues thanks to a combination of new technologies.

They feature a new PWRSHELL design on the face for the fastest ball striking of any Cobra hybrid, combined with a higher launch than ever before.

Cobra LTDx Rescue

The HOT Face design, meanwhile, includes a 17% thinner face and 15 separate machine designed zones of varying thickness to increase the sweet spot and ball speed across the face.

Cobra have also positioned a tungsten weight, which they call PWR-COR technology, low and forward to help extract faster ball speeds but still reduce spin levels and improve forgiveness.

A new fixed back weight is key in helping lower the spin levels and to produce the high launch trajectory in the LTDx hybrids.

The baffler rails that have been part of the fixtures and fittings of Cobra design are also part of the design of the sole to help maintain a square face through any lie, be it fairway, rough or sand.

Cobra LTDx Hybrid

The hybrids are available in 2-hybrid to 6-hybrid, as well as being sold in One Length shafts models too.

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Verdict: Are the Cobra LTDx hybrids any good?

The promise is Longest Total Distance and that is what these hybrids produce. They are a seriously impressive rescue club from Cobra.

Across the LTDx range, Cobra have really worked at unleashing more ball speed and carry and the hybrids certainly achieve that.

The look and design is pleasing, but these are all about performance. They really catch the eye and can help you extract even more distance whether used from the fairway, rough, a tee peg or even from the sand.


What is the Cobra LTDx hybrids release date?

The new LTDx hybrids will be released for general sale in February 2022.

How much do the Cobra LTDx hybrids cost?

The cost of the rescues has been revealed at £199 / $270 per hybrid.

What are the Cobra LTDx hybrids specs?

The LTDx hybrids are available in 2-Hybrid (17 degrees), 3-Hybrid (19 degrees), 4-Hybrid (21 degrees), 5-Hybrid (24 degrees) and 6-Hybrid (28 degrees).