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Home » Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024 Review (MORE Compact Model)

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024 Review (MORE Compact Model)

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024 Review

The second generation of Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi irons 2024 have been released with a new and improved 2024 model of the driving irons available. How have they been changed?

The original Fli-Hi irons were first launched as part of the Mizuno Pro range in 2022 along with the 221 irons, 223 irons and 225 irons.

The new 2024 Fli-Hi driving irons once again come in options of 2-4 irons as they are launched along with the 241 irons, 243 irons and 245 irons in the latest version of the Pro series.

The stylish black finish is now part of a more compact clubhead with redesigned L-Face structure adding to the ball speed, new weighting also contributing to more distance and improved ball flights.

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Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024 Specs & Design

The first generation of the Fli-His make history as the first ever Mizuno irons to be made from a Maraging MAS1C steel face and that is retained in the new 2024 version.

Having been a huge success, including in the bag of Cameron Smith, the new version has been made more compact to fit seamlessly into a setup with any of the other Pro series models.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024

The driving irons have a new L-Face structure in the latest design to increase the rebound of the face and deliver increased ball speeds compared to the 2022 version.

Mizuno have also reengineered the Advanced Core Tech Face, making it thicker in the center and thinner at the perimeter for better weighting.

The overall design of those two technologies means the CNC milled face flexes more than the Fli-Hi 2022 irons and as a result generate better ball speeds.

Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024

Feel and sound have also been made better with improved Harmonic Impact Technology for an overall impressive ball strike.

Available in 2-iron (17 degrees), 3-iron (19 degrees) or 4-iron (21.5 degrees), the Fli-His are fully blacked out using Blackout Cosmetic+ treatment in the new version.

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Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons 2024 Review: Are they any good?

The Fli-Hi driving irons were a huge hit when first released in 2022 and the 2024 model adds even more performance gains.

The weighting has been improved for more consistent ball striking and some added forgiveness, while the face now flexes more than the previous version.

The more compact clubhead makes the new Fli-Hi irons a better fit at the top end of the back regardless of whether you game the 241, 243 or 245 irons, and we are very impressed with the improvements.


What is the 2024 Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons release date?

The new irons were unveiled in November 2023 and will go on general sale from February 2024.

How much do Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons cost?

The irons will retail at upwards of $330 per club.

What are the Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Irons specs?

Available in 2-iron (17 degrees), 3-iron (19 degrees) or 4-iron (21.5 degrees).

What Mizuno say about the Pro Fli-Hi irons 2024:

“The new L-Face structure enhances rebound capability and expands the high initial ball speed area, elevating performance to unprecedented levels.

“The Advanced Core Tech Face is reengineered, featuring a thicker center and an even thinner perimeter. This proprietary design allows the face to flex more efficiently, resulting in exceptional ball speed and flight control.

“Mizuno’s renowned feel is meticulously tuned using cutting-edge technology. The harmonics of sound, including frequency and tone, are fine-tuned down to the Hertz level. This unique approach results in the distinctive, pleasing sensation that only Mizuno can deliver.

“The elegant Blackout Cosmetic+ treatment imparts a sleek and refined profile to the head. The black top line contributes to a clean and minimalist appearance, framing the ball effortlessly.”