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PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges Review

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges

PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges are the second generation of this model with an improved design to get even more out of your short game.

PXG have made improvements to the original Sugar Daddy wedges, but haven’t ripped up the design and started again. The have honed the design to offer even more spin and control.

The 0311 Sugar Daddy II model features full face grooves for more spin, high toe weighting for stability and accuracy and two bounce options to suit all types of golfer.

What PXG says about the 2022 Sugar Daddy wedges:

“PXG 0311 Sugar Daddy II Wedges are artfully engineered for optimal bounce, insane accuracy, and fine-tuned stopping power.

“These wedges are 100% milled and feature Full Face Grooves, High Toe Weighting and two innovative sole designs so you can elevate your short game and lower your score.

“Available in two innovative sole designs in every loft – the BP-Grind and C-Grind.

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges

“Full Face Grooves support an expanded hitting area, with precision milled grooves extended to the face perimeter.

“The enlarged impact region supports consistent ball contact on shots played toward the toe side of the face and confidence at address.”

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PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges Design & Feature

PXG have worked on honing the performance of the Sugar Daddy wedges and offering more control and spin in the second generation model.

The wedge head has been tweaked to have even more high toe weighting for forgiveness and feel, while improved turf interaction has been a key design element.

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges

PXG have come up with two grind option in the 2022 Sugar Daddy wedges with the BP-Grind and the C-Grind to provide the solution to all types of golf swing and conditions.

The BP-Grind has a wider sole than the C-Grind and is more forgiving as a result. The BP sole also tapers marginally from heel to toe to add additional bounce.

The BP-Grind models are best suited to lush turf, deep bunkers and helps golfers with a steeper angle of attack get through the shot without losing speed.

The C-Grind has a more narrow sole, has an aggressive taper from heel to toe and is best suited to firmer condition with only moderate bounce in this model. It is designed for better golfers looking for more spin and check.

PXG Sugar Daddy II Wedges

The wedges are 100% milled and have Full Face Grooves to increase the hitting area for more consistent ball striking and spin levels.

The wedges are available in Chrome and Xtreme Dark finishes and come in loft options from 50 degrees to 62 degrees.

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Verdict: Are PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges any good?

PXG have worked on the performance of the original Sugar Daddy wedges and come up with some notable improvements in the second generation.

Full face grooves mean more control and spin in your short game, while the two grind options allow you to purchase a wedge that is ideally suited to the conditions you play in.

While the performance is impressive, the price tag is slightly off-putting. At $499 per wedge, you have to really want these in the bag.


How much do PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges cost?

The Sugar Daddy II wedges don’t come cheap, priced at $499 / £379 per wedge.

What are the PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges specs?

The wedges are available in 50 degrees, 52 degrees, 54 degrees, 56 degrees, 58 degrees, 60 degrees and 62 degrees loft options.

What are the sole grind options in the PXG Sugar Daddy II wedges?

There is two sole grind options with the BP-Grind for lush conditions and the narrower C-Grind suited to firmer conditions.