PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers Review

The 0811 GEN4 driver is the 2021 release from PXG

The new PXG GEN4 0811 drivers feature three different models.

PXG 0811 GEN4 X Drivers

The PXG 0811 GEN4 driver hits the shelves in 2021 as the fourth generation release from Parsons Xtreme Golf. GolfReviewsGuide.com takes a look at what to expect from the new driver.

The new driver is part of an all-new GEN4 family including fairway woods, hybrids and irons, which are “the most advanced, best-performing, best-looking golf clubs we’ve ever made” according to PXG.

The latest 0811 driver will set you back £569/$784, but comes in three model options – the XT, X and XF – and features new technological advances to deliver for ball speed, distance and forgiveness than in any previous PXG model.

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What PXG say about the GEN4 driver:

“PXG 0811 GEN4 Drivers present three game changing head shapes — XF, X, and XT — designed to deliver killer performance no matter how you hit it off the tee.

“GEN4 Drivers utilize a hybrid crown with titanium in the heel/toe to increase durability and stiffness of the structure for optimal spring and faster ball speeds.

“The carbon fiber center reduces mass in the top of the clubhead helping to lower the CG position, increase the MOI, and optimize ball flight.

“Get ready to crush your limits. The new 0811 GEN4 Drivers are available in three models – XT, X and XF – with advanced technology and fitting options that deliver exceptional power, distance and forgiveness.”

PGA Tour star, major winner and PXG ambassador Zach Johnson added: “I tested the PXG GEN4 Driver and found a significant increase in ball speed with even tighter dispersions, all the while allowing me to shape the ball.”

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PXG GEN4 0811 XT Driver Review

The XT model in the range in the Xtreme Tour and has been designed for speed and distance with improved aerodynamics a key focus compared to the GEN2 equivalent.

The driver head is tear shaped for maximum clubhead speed and what PXG describe as “extremely fast ball speeds”.

PXG 0811 GEN4 XT Driver

It features a new hybrid carbon crown for increased stiffness and durability, a high-strength Ti412 titanium face, robotic polishing on the face thickness and curvature and the now expected Honeycomb TPE insert.

The XT driver features a smaller and shallower face than previous generations, and the crown has been made parallel than before. A new sole design also contributes to the aerodynamic tweaks to help produce the increased ball speeds.

PXG 0811 GEN4 XT Driver

The sole includes three weight ports to offer adjustability for both spin levels and shape bias. An adjustable hosel can change the loft by up to 1.5 degrees to help produce the optimum trajectory.

The XT model suits swing speeds above 105mph, and is available in 7.5 degree, 9 degree and 10.5 degree loft options.

PXG GEN4 0811 X Driver Review

The focus on the development of the new PXG 0811 X driver has been on the new Hybrid Crown Construction and Precision Weighting Technology.

The driver head in the X model is innovative with PXG opting for an “aggressively sloped crown”, created from the new carbon for stiffness and durability.

PXG 0811 GEN4 X Driver

The design of the crown has allowed PCXG to lower the CG relative to the face centre, and extract maximum distance without sacrificing any of the forgiveness that golfers crave from their driver.

The high-strength Ti412 titanium face is tall and deep and produces a high launch trajectory, and the end result is a driver that delivers low spin performance and exceptional distance from the tee.

PXG 0811 GEN4 X Driver

The sole includes three weight ports to offer adjustability for both spin levels and shape bias.

The 0811 X is available in the full suite of 7.5 degree, 9 degree, 10.5 degree and 12 degree lofts. The adjustable hosel offers the chance to change the loft by 1.5 degrees.

PXG GEN4 0811 XF Driver Review

Xtreme Forgiveness is what the XF model is all about. The driver head has a larger profile than the other options in the GEN4 range, inspiring confidence standing over that crucial tee shot.

The face on the XF is larger and longer from heel-to-toe and the club head has a lower side profile. As a result, the MOI has been increased and the CG is low and back in this model.

PXG 0811 GEN4 XF Driver

The CG produce an optimal trajectory and for distance gains in abundance, which is aided by improved aerodynamics from the new technologies.

The new hybrid carbon crown provides increased stiffness and durability, the high-strength Ti412 titanium face used in the XF produces impressive ball speeds and the robotic polishing on face thickness and curvature deliver great ball striking.

PXG 0811 GEN4 X Driver

The XF driver is available in 9 degree, 10.5 degree and 12 degree lofts. The adjustable hosel offers the chance to change the loft by 1.5 degrees.

PXG GEN4 Driver Verdict

PXG have managed to extract even more performance from the 0811 driver with the GEN4 coming in three models to suit all needs.

One thing they all have in common is that they extract even more distance off the tee, but all have their own hallmarks and USPs. The negative to all three in the eye-watering price tag.

The XT is the premium option for fast swing speeds, the X is the middle of the road offering distance and forgiveness, while the XF is the more forgiving. All three are equally impressive if you justify splashing out on them.


When will the PXG GEN4 driver be released?

The GEN4 PXG drivers are available to buy from mid-April 2021.

How much does the PXG 0811 GEN4 Driver cost?

The new PXG drivers will retail for £569 in the United Kingdom, and $784 per driver in the United States.

Which is the best model of the PXG 0811 GEN4 Driver?

The models are equally as good as each other, but the XT, X and XF will suit players with different needs from their driver. The XT has been designed for speed and distance, the X is the standard model and offers a mix of distance and forgiveness, while the XF offers extreme forgiveness.

What are the PXG GEN4 0811 driver specs?

DriverLoftsLieLengthHead Mass
0811 XT GEN47.5°, 9°, 10.5°60°45.5"201g
0811 X GEN47.5°, 9°, 10.5°, 12°60°45.5"201g
0811 XF GEN49°, 10.5°, 12°60°45.5"201g