PXG 0311 GEN 3 Irons Review

PXG launch the third generation of irons

PXG 0311 Irons

PXG 0311 GEN 3 irons have been officially launched with the third generation offering “more distance, more ball speed, more feel, more everything”.

Available in three club head types, the 0311 T, 0311 P and 0311 XP can add up to 12 yards on their 0211 predecessors and are being described as the ultimate game changers.

A fourth option is also available with PXG also launching the 0311 ST irons, which are described as a “super tour blade built for better golfers”.

PXG have strived to improve their already impressive irons, with the latest technological advances – including the Impact Reactor Technology – and an even thinner face design all helping extract even more performance.

What PXG say:

“From Cast to 100% Milled Blades to our New Fully Loaded GEN3, PXG Irons perform beyond expectations.

“Our new 0311 GEN3 Irons are drop dead sexy and deliver an incredible combination of distance, forgiveness, accuracy, a sweet spot larger than Texas and feel so soft it’s like spreading warm butter on a hot biscuit.

“Powered by our new Patented Impact Reactor Technology and the world’s thinnest club face, these 5-times forged then milled irons are the ultimate game changer.

“Get 8-12 more yards from our new 0311 XP GEN3 Irons (vs. GEN2). One swing and you won’t believe the difference.

“If you’re looking for Super Tour blades that deliver more control, greater workability, less offset and are surprisingly easy to hit, our new PXG 0311 ST Irons are made for you.

“Unlike any iron you’ve seen before, 0311 ST’s are triple forged to tighten grain structure then milled to deliver the pinnacle of performance with a wonderful feel.”

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PXG 0311 GEN 3 Irons Design

PXG have found some improvement from the 0211 irons with the PXG 0311 GEN 3irons adding up to 12 yards of distance.

Packed with even more technology than before, with the new Impact Reactor Technology for a soft but solid feel, the world’s thinnest club face and a 5-times forged then milled head all combining in these beautiful irons.

There are three club head options to choose from in the third generation with the T, P and XP versions all offering something different, as well as the blade option the 0311 ST.

The T stands for Tour Performance and is designed for highly skilled golfers seeking workability with distance control.

The P, known as the Players, is the option most golfers will seek as it offers playability and forgiveness in equal measures.

The XP, meanwhile, provides Xtreme Performance with an oversized sweet spot to provide maximum distance without compromising on forgiveness.

The 0311 ST irons have been 100 per cent milled and produced for golfers seeking a blade. The solid body has less offset and offers workability that serious golfers are craving.

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PXG 0311 GEN 3 Irons Verdict

PXG are known for producing some of the highest quality golf clubs on the market and the 0311 irons are no different.

It is hard to improve on what was the near perfect of the 0211 range, but the third generation of PXG’s irons do just that with a significant amount of gains made in distance.

The price tag, as is expected of PXG’s customised golf clubs, is staggering but it gets you a seriously impressive set of irons. With four different options in the 0311 range, you can find the perfect iron to add to your bag.

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Which is the best PXG 0311 irons model?

The three options in the 0311 range are equally impressive. It is not a case of one model being better than another, they just each offer something different. The 0311 T is the choice for workability with distance control, the 0311 P offers playability and forgiveness and the 0311 XP is for Xtreme Performance thanks to an oversized sweet spot providing maximum distance. The additional 0311 ST are blades.

What are the PXH 0311 irons specs?

ClubLength (Inches)LoftLieBounceOffset (inches)
PXG 0311 P
3-iron39 ½19°60.5°0.250°
4-iron38 ⅞21.5°61°0.220°
5-iron38 ¼24°61.5°0.190°
6-iron37 ⅝27°62°0.160°
PW35 ¾45°64°12°0.050"
GW35 ½50°64°12°0.040"
PXG 0311 T
3-iron39 ½20°60.5°0.150°
4-iron38 ⅞22.5°61°0.130°
5-iron38 ¼25°61.5°0.110°
6-iron37 ⅝28°62°0.090°
PW35 ¾46°64°12°0.020°
GW35 ½51°64°12°0.015°
PXG 0311 T
4-iron39 ⅜19°60.5°0.240°
5-iron38 ¾21°61°0.210°
6-iron38 ⅛24°61.5°0.180°
7-iron37 ½28°62°0.150°
9-iron36 ½37°63°11°0.095°
PW36 ¼42°63.5°12°0.070°

How much do the PXG 0311 irons cost?

The price of the 0311 irons vary from retailer to retailer with sets of irons starting from around £2500/$3110.