Best Golf Wedges 2022

GolfReviewsGuide picks out the best wedge options for 2022

The best wedges to add to your bag for 2022.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 Wedges

Looking for new wedges to add to your bag for the new season? The best golf wedges 2022 have been picked out with a range of top class to affordable.

We’ve taken a look at some options that could be added to your bag for 2022 and help you find more greens than ever before. Go pin seeking with our top choices.

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1. Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedges
2. TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges
3. Ping Glide 2.0 Wedges
4. Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges
5. Kirkland Signature Wedges

6. Lazrus Wedges

Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedges

Titleist SM9 Vokey wedges are new for 2022 and the latest generation of the most played wedges when it comes to the bags of tour stars worldwide.

The SM9 wedges are more evolutionary than revolutionary in terms of the changes from the Titleist SM8 Vokey wedges.

The clubhead itself is very similar to the SM8s with the familiar Vokey design including the sleek and stylish curved edges.

Titleist SM9 Vokey Wedges

The face is Spin Milled and features 16 grooves. The lofts range from 46-60 degrees with a variety of lofts available.

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TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

The third generation of TaylorMade’s Milled Grind 3 wedges are an improvement on the MG2 wedges that proved so popular.

The key component in the MG3 wedges is Raw Face Technology with TaylorMade opting for the face to rust over time to continue producing spin throughout the life of each wedge.

Significantly, the technology means only the face rusts and not the rest of the club head.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3 Wedges

The face features RAW Face Micro-Ribs, which help produce the kind of controlled spin levels that golfers crave from approach shots and from around the green.

TaylorMade have also made the grooves on the face on the new model narrower and deeper to help achieve the spin.

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Ping Glide 2.0 Wedges

The Glide 2.0 design from Ping features a new milled face and new grooves pattern to help achieve greater spin rates.

Ping have moved the the grooves closer together, sharpened them and increased the friction provided from the face.

Ping Glide 2.0 Wedge

It leads to better control, increased precision and eye-catching spin rates from a variety of lies, whether on the fairway, rough or bunkers.

The no-glare finish is a major attraction with these wedges as it helps eliminate sun-reflection distractions.

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Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

The JAWS range features a new full toe design for inspired confidence to bring to your short game.

The toe shape has an enhanced peak and works in conjunction with various grinds to make chipping and approach play more consistent when it comes to ball striking and spin levels.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

The CG has been increased, and moved from the heel thanks to Callaway’s Variable Weight Port System, to produce a lower ball flight for more controlled shots.

Callaway have used full face grooves and groove-in-groove technology as part of the raw face design to help control and get closer than before on approach play.

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Kirkland Signature Wedges

Kirkland Signature wedges are sold by wholesale retailer Costco with the 3-wedge a snip of the price of other more well known brands.

The set is sold with all three wedges and features a 52-degree gap wedge, 56-degree sand wedge and a 60-degree lob wedge. The downside is that there is no flexibility in gapping.

Kirkland Signature Wedges

The Kirkland wedges feature milled face technology for control and spin, as well as wedge flex shaft by True Temper.

Stock isn’t as freely available, but the Kirkland Signature wedges are extremely good value for money if you can get your hands of them.

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Lazrus Wedges

Lazrus have come up with an impressive performing wedge that costs a fraction of the price of more well-known brands.

The wedges have a forged club head with a milled face for extra spin and control.

Lazrus Wedges

They are neat and compact design and designed to created short game spin at a snip of the price of other wedges. That is the USP.

The wedge set is sold with three lofts of 52 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees. You can also now purchase individual wedges, although the same three lofts are all that is available.

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