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Home » Shot Scope X5 GPS Golf Watch Review (NEW For 2023)

Shot Scope X5 GPS Golf Watch Review (NEW For 2023)

Shot Scope X5 GPS Golf Watch Review

The Shot Scope X5 GPS Golf watch is the latest model off the production line and takes things to the next level vs the V3. What’s new and improved?

Replacing the V2 and V3 watches as the premium model available from Shot Scope, the brand X5 is more accurate, has more available courses and computes even more statistics and analysis of your game.

Now with an increased 36,000+ pre-loaded courses, the X5 watch has greater accuracy with distances to greens, hazards and other parts of the course, more detailed maps and statistical information than previous versions.

We take a look at how the X5 can provide key stats on more than 100 parts of your game, detail how the tracking system works and review the new Shot Scope watch.

What Shot Scope says about the new X5 golf watch:

“The all-new Shot Scope X5 watch is the latest evolution in our award-winning GPS performance tracking range.

“Designed as a premium lifestyle watch as well as a multi-functioning golf GPS device that can be worn both on and off the golf course.

Shot Scope X5

“Featuring a vibrant full colour touchscreen display surrounded by a stylish ceramic bezel, X5 is more than just a golf watch.

“Golfers can effortlessly cycle through the different golf modes and digital watch faces using touchscreen or the elegant multi-function crown navigation.

“Built to perform every time you hit the course. Have full control on the course with every distance you need on your wrist.

Shot Scope X5

“Our latest technology includes dynamic yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. Front and carry distances to water hazards and bunkers, plus any doglegs and layup points on a hole.”

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Shot Scope X5 GPS Golf Watch Features & Design

The X5 builds upon everything good about the Shot Scope V3 watch and enhances things that little bit further when it comes to distance measuring and statistical analysis.

Now with more than 36,000 courses pre-loaded, you will have instant access to the venue you are about to tee it up at.

Shot Scope X5 Watch

The enhanced GPS technology provides distances in either yards or metres to the front, middle and back of greens, as well as measurements to hazards such as water or bunkers as well as doglegs and lay-up distances.

The green view and PinCollect technology allows you to record the location of the pin for more accurate distance analysis, while the watch automatically detects when you reach the green for this feature.

The Shot Scope X5 comes equipped with 16 performance tags that attach to the top of your clubs, enabling you to track your shots – including those putts – and analyze your game.

Shot Scope X5 Golf Watch

The tags, which screw into the top of your clubs, are the second generation version and automatically record every shot hit.

In total you can receive more than 100 performance statistics from driver distances to fairways and greens hit in regulation and putts taken.

The watch features a large 1.2 inch color touchscreen display, a digital scorecard, a built-in step counter and now have a new strap design compared to the V3 model.

Shot Scope X5 Golf GPS

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Verdict: Is the Shot Scope X5 watch any good?

The X5 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering a premium and classy feel as well as information overload to help bring the best in your game.

The compatibility with a user-friendly app allows you to monitor their progress over time, making it a valuable tool for improving performance.

Shot Scope X5 Golf Watch

Whether you’re tracking your putts, greens hit, average distances or other scoring metrics, the Shot Scope X5 is a stylish, functional, and reliable GPS watch that every golfer should consider.

Alternatively, just use it for the distances to the green, hazards or areas of the course. It works just as well as a basic distance measuring device.


How much does the Shot Scope X5 GPS Smart Watch cost?

The X5 watch is currently available to buy at around $340 / £280.

How long does the battery last in a Shot Scope X5 golf watch?

The watch has a battery life of up to 10 hours in GPS mode and is capable of lasting for two rounds. In tracking mode, the life is reduced.

How many courses are available on the Shot Scope X5 watch?

There are more than 36,000 courses pre-loaded onto the smart watch.