TaylorMade SIM 2 Woods Review

The new woods are part of TaylorMade's SIM 2 family

The SIM 2 woods are the second generation of TaylorMade’s fairways.

TaylorMade Sim 2 Woods

TaylorMade SIM 2 woods feature three models of the fairways launched for 2021 with the release of the Titanium, Max and Max D.

Hot on the back of the hugely-popular first generation of the SIM woods from TaylorMade, the manufacturer has molded the old with the new in the SIM 2 family fairways.

TaylorMade have incorporate the V Steel design of woods of old with the ground breaking elements of the SIM, and come up with the lowest CG of any fairway ever marketed.

The SIM 2 series also features three drivers models as well as rescues and irons.

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What TaylorMade say about the SIM 2 Woods and Fairways:

“When we brought back V Steel and combined it with SIM, our goal was simple. The lowest CG of any fairway we’ve ever created.

“In 2021, we’ve done it again. With a lower CG, you can launch it higher with SIM2 Titanium, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D.

“Multi-material construction and efficient weight distribution on the sole of the club deliver ultra-low CG for explosive distance, high launch and low spin.”

TaylorMade SIM 2 Ti Fairway Review

The SIM 2 Titanium woods get the name because it is the only club with a Zatech Titanium head, and this model in the most compact of the three with a aerodynamic 170cc head.

The smaller club head features V steel sole plate as it returns to TaylorMade fairway woods in the latest design, which has been created for better players and tour stars.

TaylorMade Sim 2 Ti Fairway

At just 80g, the woods are incredibly light and produces impressive club head speeds and ball speeds as a result for maximum distance from the fairway, rough or tee box.

The Ti fairways have a low CG for a mid-launch and a penetrating low spin ball flight.

The woods also have a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket behind the Zatech Ti Twist Face to help produce powerful ball strikes to eek out every yard of distance.

The SIM 2 Max is available in lofts of 15 degrees and 18 degrees. Each wood has 2 degrees of adjustability.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Fairway Review

The SIM 2 Max Fairway has a larger club head than the Titanium model at 190cc, inspiring more confidence over the ball.

The return of the V Steel sole design is also in the Max model, providing more heel and toe relief to improve forgiveness, which also comes from the C300 steel club face.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Fairway

The Thru-Slot Speed Pocket provides flexibility behind the club face to generate added ball speed even on off centre strikes.

This model has a low CG and generates a higher launch angle and ball flight than the Titanium woods for more carry through the air, but importantly offers less spin too.

The SIM 2 Max is available in lofts of 15 degrees, 18 degrees, 21 degrees and 24 degrees. Each wood has 2 degrees of adjustability.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max D Fairway Review

The Max D woods are the draw bias version for golfers looking to eliminate a left-to-right fade shot shape.

The weight in this model is placed towards the heel and is ideal for golfers with a fade or looking to even out a slice.

The Max D fairway woods have the largest head of the three models at 195cc, but also boast the lowest CG of any TaylorMade woods for a higher ball flight from tee to green.

TaylorMade Sim 2 Fairway Max D

The higher MOI, as a result of the heel weighting, ensures there is plenty of forgiveness from a large club C300 steel club face to help add distance to your game.

The Max D also features the returning V Steel sole plate and the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to help extract the maximum distance.

The SIM 2 Max D is available in 16 degrees, 19 degrees and 22 degrees. Each wood has 2 degrees of adjustability.

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