Benross Delta Irons Review

Benross Delta irons provide control and workability across the range

Benross Delta Irons

Benross Delta irons hit the market in 2019 as a high-performing yet affordable option – and still continue to live up to that billing.

The Delta irons have been designed to produce higher ball speeds, more carry, increased distances, more greenside spin and stopping power.

Benross Delta irons sit at the affordable end of the market, but you get a value for money. They are an impressive product for golfers looking to upgrade their bag without breaking the bank.

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What Benross say about the Delta irons:

“The Delta Iron features a Heat Treated 431 Stainless Steel construction which maximises ball speed for increased carry distance.

“A progressive CG position coupled with more neutral loft angles allows for an improved launch angle and optimum spin rate leading to greater stopping power on approach shots.

“The top line thickness and offset profile inspires confidence with long irons and promotes control with scoring clubs.

“The Delta Iron is fitted with the KBS MAX shaft in steel or the Fujikura ATMOS Red shaft in graphite.”

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Benross Delta Irons Specs & Design

The Delta irons are the result of some excellent work from the Benross development team, who have worked hard to extract more performance that in any previous models.

Benross Delta Irons

The key design feature is the Heat Treated 431 Stainless Steel material used in the construction of the clubheads.

The specific steel helps maximise ball speed off the face and carry distance to extract the most from every iron in the bag.

The Benross irons feature a thick top line to inspire added confidence over the ball, particularly on the longer irons. Shorter irons, meanwhile, offer greater control and more action on the ball.

The CG in the Delta irons is progressive, with natural lofts helping to produce an optimal launch angle through the range.

Benross Delta Irons

The Benross irons are available in a complete range from 4-iron to sand wedge, and offer an affordable set of irons.

The Delta can be purchased in steel shafts or graphite shafts, the latter being sold in Benross red colours.

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Benross Delta Irons Verdict

The Delta irons from Benross are a value-for-money set of irons, ideally suited to newcomers to the game or mid-to-high handicap golfers.

Gains in distance, carry and ball striking is all possible when you start using the Deltas. Getting more consistency from your iron play is what these are all about.

Benross Delta Irons

The Delta irons come with an attractive price tag that will appeal to golfers looking to upgrade their irons without a huge outlay, or get a set to start in the game.


Are Benross Irons any good?

While they aren’t in the same league as elite irons from other manufacturers at the top end of the spectrum, Benross irons are value for money and have plenty of performance gains.

What are the lofts in the Benross Delta Irons?

Delta irons start from 22 degrees for a 4-iron through to 54 degrees for a sand wedge with fairly strong lofts throughout the range.


How much do Benross Delta Irons cost?

A set of Delta irons costs around £395/$540 for 5-iron to pitching wedge.