Benross Delta X Driver Review

The Benross Delta X is the second generation of the driver model

The Delta X is the second generation of the Benross driver

Benross Delta X Driver

The Benross Delta X driver is the second generation of the first released in 2019. GolfReviewsGuide takes a look at the X model of the driver.

First launched as the Delta, the new X version gets its name due to the look on the face, which features variable face thickness for a bigger sweet spot than before.

The Benross Delta X is has a new crown design for improved aerodynamics, a stability bar on the sole of the driver to increase ball speeds and an 8g weight positioned at the back of the sole for ideal weighting.

What Benross say about the Delta X driver:

“The Delta X driver combines power an stability, for maximum energy transfer at impact.

“Its large 460cc head combined with an 8g weight positioned at the back of the sole gives an optimum CG position. All for extra distance and a high MOI for extra forgiveness.

“The Stability Bar on the sole of the club ensures maximum energy is transferred through the center of the club.

“Fitted with the well known Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core shaft that delivers the ultimate stability through impact increasing velocity and smash factor.

“This newly designed Aero Crown, features an air flow channel which generates a more efficient air flow which reduces drag, helping increase club head speed.

“This impressive feature boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness. It even has optimum centred target markings to highlight the sweet spot.”

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Benross Delta X Driver Design & Features

The Benross Delta Driver is designed with an oversized 460cc head profile to provide confidence standing over any tee shot.

The Delta X has a specially designed sole structure with a stability bar for improved aerodynamics and maximum energy transfer.

Benross Delta X Driver

The sole also features a new fixed 8g weight positioned on the back of the sole for optimal weighting. The weight helps provide a higher launch angle and ball flight trajectory to maximise distance from the tee.

The Benross Delta X also has a new crown design with air flow channels to create an efficient airflow and reduce drag to increase club head speed.

Benross Delta X Driver

The driver, which is set to 10.5 degrees, features a stiffened body and a clubhead face designed to get maximum ball speed.

The Delta X driver combines a heat treatment process with variable face thickness to optimise performance from across the entire CT face.

Benross Delta X Driver

Verdict: Is the Benross Delta X Driver any good?

If you are looking for a new driver in the mid-price range, then the Benross Delta X is an ideal option that doesn’t break the bank.

Benross have worked hard to enhance the performance and the airflow design of the crown, the new face and stability bar and fixed back weight certainly help extra more performance and distance.

This isn’t an adjustable driver, so if you like to tinker with setup then this probably isn’t for you. But if you like a standard setting then it is a seriously good option for the price.

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How much does the Benross Delta X driver cost?

The driver sells at around £200 / $275 from most golf shops and retails?

Is the Delta X driver from Benross adjustable?

No. The driver comes set to 10.5 degrees with a back weight of 8g positioned in the sole. There is no adjustability in the hosel or the weighting structure.

Does the Delta X driver comes with any warranty?

Yes, it has a one-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.