Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls Review

Bridgestone's e12 Contact golf balls bring a new dimension to dimple design

A look at home the dimple design of the e12 Contact Golf Balls can help your game.

Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls

The Bridgestone e12 Contact golf balls are a ball with the promise of a deeper flight and straighter trajectory. takes a look at what to expect from the mid-market ball.

Relative to the traditional dimple pattern of other brands, there is less energy lost with the Bridgestone e12 Contact balls. That is thanks to have a unique dimple structure and design.

Bridgestone have come up with a design that they believe maximises ball flight and distance, and to achieve that the key element is dimple design and the contact element with more than a third more impact on the club face.

What Bridgestone says about the e12 Contact golf balls?

“The true game-changer is a new Contact Force dimple, which features a unique structure with a raised area in the centre and an outer portion that slows horizontal rotation during flight.

“The raised area allows for 38% more contact with the clubface at impact than traditional dimples, yielding a much more efficient transfer of energy and improved core activation.

“The result is faster ball speed and straight distance with every club in the bag.”

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Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls Design & Features

The revolutionary structure to the dimples is the key to the design of the e12 Contact balls – and where they get the name from.

The dimple structure includes a raised surface which Bridgestone have come up with to provide a better energy transfer at the moment of impact.

That results in 38% more contact with the face of the club than a standard golf ball with traditional dimple patterns.

The Contact Force design should also produce less vibration at the moment of impact, a better connection on the club face and a reduction in shots slicing away from your intended target.

The e12 Contact balls come in white, matte red, matte green, or matte yellow and a priced as a mid-market golf ball.

Verdict: Are the Bridgestone e12 Contact balls any good?

The slightly unusual dimple design are what makes these balls different to others on the market, but the aesthetics won’t be for everyone.

Performance wise, you certainly have a good ball in your bag with the e12s. Purely struck drives and irons will gain added distance and better control.

They aren’t expensive balls and certainly won’t break the bank, and provide a real all rounder from tee to green.


How much do Bridgestone e12 Contact Golf Balls cost?

A box of these golf balls will cost £25/$30 USD.

What colours are the Bridgestone e12 balls available in?

The e12 Contact golf balls are available in white, red, yellow and green. The red, yellow and green options have a matte cover.