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Home » Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls Review (REACTIV iQ Cover)

Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls Review (REACTIV iQ Cover)

Bridgestone B RX Golf Ball

Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls are the newest addition to the B series with a new REACTIV iQ cover providing explosive distance and speed.

The B RX model joins the Tour B RXS, a softer version, and the Tour B X and Tour B XS models, in a complete offering across Bridgestone’s B Series.

The B RX, which is in the bag of Lexi Thompson, has been created for players with a swing speed of under 105 mph or less, but generate eye-watering ball speed and distance thanks to the Reactiv cover technology.

What Bridgestone says about the Tour B RX Balls:

“The new Tour B with REACTIV iQ is the smart tour ball. Proprietary REACTIV iQ is a smart cover technology that reacts to the force of impact.

“REACTIV iQ rebounds quickly on tee shots, delivering explosive velocity and increased distance and stays on the face longer on approach shots, providing more spin and soft feel around the green.

Bridgestone B RX Golf Balls

“The Tour B RX with REACTIV iQ delivers increased ball speed for maximum distance off the tee and hit & sit performance on approach shots.

“The Tour B RX is ideal for players with swing speeds under 105 mph who want additional distance.”

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Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls Design & Technology

The new REACTIV iQ urethane cover is the key design feature in the Tour B RX ball, acting as a shock absorber to generate maximum distance and speed.

The technology is crucial, given these balls are aimed at golfers with club head speeds of under 105 mph – making them the mass market version compared to sister model the Tour B RXS.

Bridgestone B RX Ball

Bridgestone design of the cover means the ball launches off the driver face with much more power and maximises distance from the tee.

Not just about distance, Bridgestone have also ensured the B RX is played from the fairway and around the greens too with the REACTIV iQ also creating more spin and control.

The Dual Dimple technology and the Seamless Cover leads to improved consistency when the ball is in flight and less drag to ensure the Tour B RX stays airborne for longer and that distance is maximised.

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Verdict: Are Bridgestone Tour B RX Golf Balls any good?

While the Tour B RXS range is aimed at swing speeds of over 105 mph, this B RX model is the option of choice for the vast majority of golfers.

Bridgestone B RX Ball

It is suited to under 105 mph swings and that is because the REACTIV iQ cover has been created to do the work for you and launch at impressive ball speeds.

The distance gains you are likely to see are eye-catching, if you are in the under 105 mph ball park. But notably, you don’t have to sacrifice short game feel and control for the distance the RX offers.


How much do the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls cost?

Retail prices for the Tour B RX are around £45/$50 for a pack of 12 balls.

Bridgestone B RXS vs B XS balls – which is best?

The B RXS is for fast swing speeds over 105 mph. The B RX are slightly cheaper and have been designed for golfers with swing speeds of under 105 mph

Is ball personalisation available?

Yes, a range of personalisation options are available when purchasing the Bridgestone Tour B RX balls including branded names, nicknames and numbers. The product is also available in yellow or white.