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Cobra King Radspeed Driver Review

Cobra Radspeed Drivers

Cobra King Radspeed drivers will be one of the newcomers to the market in 2021 with the promise of “radical distance”.

The driver was unveiled by Cobra in December and will be in the bag of US Open champion Bryson DeChambeau as he looks to unlock even more distance from his game.

The Cobra drivers features the Radspeed, Radspeed XB and Radspeed XD and come as part of a complete series. Also available in the new model are fairway woods, hybrids, irons and a women’s range – all in an attractive gloss black and elderberry colour scheme.

The Cobra King Radspeed drivers feature a radial weighting system that uses the Radius of Gyration engineering formula. The distance between the front and back weights has been increased to create the perfect balance.

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What Cobra say about the Radspeed drivers:

Cobra say: “We’ve levelled up to ‘RAD’ speed. Radial (RAD) Weighting Technology unlocks faster ball speed with extreme forgiveness to create our most radical driver: Introducing the KING RADSPEED.”

Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D, COBRA Golf, adds: “Our new RADSPEED drivers represent a true breakthrough in performance.

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“Our engineers have outdone themselves by pushing the Radius of Gyration to new levels and delivering three distinct drivers aimed at three different types of golfers.

“With the RADSPEED driver family, COBRA can truly offer optimized performance for everyone from Tour players to weekend warriors and those who need help correcting a slice.”

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Cobra King Radspeed Driver

Cobra Radspeed Driver

The Radspeed driver is the standard model in the range and features all of the groundbreaking radial technology to perfect the weight.

The radial weighting is forward with 28g positioned in the front (16g of fixed weight and 12g adjustable weight) and 10g positioned in the back (8g fixed weight and 2g adjustable weight).

The end result is low spin, low launch and workability from a driver with the speed and stability the golfers crave. The Radspeed is forgiving yet produces a ball speed Cobra have never achieved before in older models.

The clubhead is a traditional 460cc shape, features a lighter T-Bar Speed Chassis and a thinner Carbon Fiber Wrap Crown.

Cobra designers have saved 13g in total weight, allowing the radial weighting to be introduced and the CG lowered. The Radspeed driver also features Cobra’s CNC Milled Infinity Face.

Cobra King Radspeed XB Driver

Cobra Radspeed XB Driver

The XB model of the Radspeed driver is the Xtreme Back version and gets the name due to the weight system applied.

Cobra brand this model as being all about speed and distance, but for extreme forgiveness and a perfectly straight ball flight.

The clubhead is also 460cc, like the Radspeed version, but more weight has been positioned in the back of the XB to help produce the more penetrating ball strike and low spin levels.

The XB has 20g positioned in the back of the driver head (14g of fixed weight and 6g interchangeable weight), while there is 8g of fixed weight in the front.

The XB model features titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis, Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Crown and a CNC Milled Infinity Face.

Cobra King Radspeed XD Driver

Cobra Radspeed XD Driver

The XD has been designed to be a draw-biased option in the range, and has been named as Xtreme Draw.

The 460cc driver features a straight neck and has the radial weighting system designed to promote a draw and eradicate slices from your game.

The weights in the XD sees 10g of fixed internal weight positioned in the heel of the driver to promote a draw. It also has 14g positioned in the back for forgiveness, and 8g positioned in the front for increased speed.

The XB model also features titanium T-Bar Speed Chassis, Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Crown and a CNC Milled Infinity Face.

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Which is the best Cobra King Radspeed Driver?

The three models – the Radspeed, XB and XD all offer something different. The Radspeed is the choice for a standard setting, while the XB provides a penetrating ball flight. The XD model is the driver of choice if you want help correcting a slice.

What are the lofts in the Cobra King Radspeed Drivers?

The drivers are fully adjustable, offering lofts of anywhere between 9 degrees and 12 degrees.

How much do the Cobra King Radspeed Drivers cost?

The Radspeed drivers will be available for purchase at $490/£369.