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Best Golf Drivers 2021

PXG 0811X Gen2 Driver

Looking for a new driver to take into the new season? The best golf drivers 2021 have been picked out – but how will each help improve your game?

We’ve taken a look at some options that could be added to your bag for 2021 and help you reduce your handicap or help you find more fairways than ever before.

Read on for the best golf drivers 2021. You can also see the best golf irons for 2021 and best golf wedges for 2021 here.

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TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver

TaylorMade SIM 2 drivers are the second edition of the range and new for 2021.

The TaylorMade SIM broke new ground when launched in 2020, promoting Shape In Motion. Now the SIM 2 drivers are replacing the first version of the popular drivers.

The SIM 2 range builds on its predecessor as the next evolution from TaylorMade and once again features the SIM, Max and Max D models.

TaylorMade SIM 2 Max Driver

The SIM 2 driver is similar to the SIM but boasts some additional features including the Speed Pocket, which combines with the previous Twist Face Technology and Inertia Generator.

The Speed Pocket has been made bigger in the SIM 2, while the moveable weight track in the SIM has been replaced with a fixed weight in the SIM 2 and positioned in the centre.

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Callaway Epic Max and Callaway Epic Speed Drivers

Epic Max drivers and Epic Speed drivers are the new 2021 addition to Callaway’s armoury and were released to coincide with Jon Rahm joining the manufacturer.

The two models will be the successor to the Epic Flash and will continue to feature the Jailbreak Technology and AI Speed Frame to generate maximum power.

The Epic Max is available in two models, the Max – the standard version of the driver – and the Max LS, which has been created for low spin. The LS has a smaller head of the two.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Both the Max and Max LS have a sliding weight on the sole, and that is the big different when it comes to the Speed.

In the Epic Speed, Callaway have stripped out the sliding weight and replaced it with a single weight at the rear. That should create a lighter driver, increased MOI and more clubhead speed.

There is likely to be a DS (draw bias model) and LS (low spin model) to accompany the standard version when the drivers are released for sale.

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Titleist TSi Drivers

Titleist TSi drivers are the latest releases in the Titleist Speed series, with two models available – the TSi2 and TSi3.

The TSi2 and TSi3 drivers replace the Titleist TS2 and Titleist TS3 drivers which were released in 2018.

The big development in the Titleist TSi drivers is the ATI face, a new addition. ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium is used to create a super strong face to extract more speed and produce more accurate performance across the face.

Titleist TSi Drivers

The TSi2 driver is billed as “Pure Distance” and is the choice for players wanting to add ball speed from across the entire face without losing accuracy.

Titleist’s TSi3 driver comes with the slogan “Dynamic Distance” and is less about ball speed and more about a consistent connection and the adjustability of CG. It is the ATI face that helps create consistent ball striking no matter where you connect.

The TSi2 driver has a fixed weight at the back of the sole, and the TSi3 has a sliding weight at the back of the club head.

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Cobra Radspeed Drivers

Cobra King Radspeed drivers feature three models in the Radspeed, Radspeed XB and Radspeed XD.

The Radspeed drivers have a unique radial weighting system that uses the Radius of Gyration engineering formula. The distance between the front and back weights has been increased to create the perfect balance.

The Radspeed driver is the standard model in the range. The radial weighting is forward with 28g positioned in the front (16g of fixed weight and 12g adjustable weight) and 10g positioned in the back (8g fixed weight and 2g adjustable weight).

The end result is low spin, low launch and workability from a driver with the speed and stability the golfers crave. The Radspeed is forgiving yet produces a ball speed Cobra have never achieved before in older models.

Cobra Radspeed Drivers

The XB model of the Radspeed driver is the Xtreme Back version and gets the name due to the weight system applied. It is all about speed and distance, but for extreme forgiveness and a perfectly straight ball flight.

The XB has 20g positioned in the back of the driver head (14g of fixed weight and 6g interchangeable weight), while there is 8g of fixed weight in the front.

The XD has been designed to be a draw-biased option, and has been named as Xtreme Draw. It features a straight neck and has the radial weighting system designed to promote a draw and eradicate slices.

The weights in the XD sees 10g of fixed internal weight positioned in the heel of the driver to promote a draw. It also has 14g positioned in the back for forgiveness, and 8g positioned in the front for increased speed.

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Ping G425 Driver

Ping G425 drivers feature three updated models to replace the popular G410 drivers, which were released in 2020.

The G425 range includes the Max, the standard model, as well as the LST (Low Spin Technology) and an SFT (Straight Flight Technology) options which debuted in the G410 drivers.

Ping G425 Max Driver

Ping have improved on the G410s by making weight savings and increasing the inertia to the highest level of any driver released by the leading manufacturer.

All three feature the dragonfly crown technology with the LST designed to reduce spin levels like never before and the draw-biased SFT designed to eradicated the distance-killing slice or fade.

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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 driver is a new introduction launched to help players hit straighter and find more fairways.

The Callaway B21 drivers have been designed specifically to help golfers struggling with a slice to find more fairways thanks to a combination of draw bias, artificial intelligence flash face and jailbreak technology.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Driver

While the Epic Flash and Mavrik will remain the premium drivers in the Callaway range, the B21 serves a distinct purpose of helping golfers struggling with a particular part of their game.

They have done that by focussing on a draw bias design internal in the head. Callaway’s AI designed flash face technology is present to promote fast ball speeds, as does the jailbreak technology.

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PXG 0811 GEN4 Driver

The PXG 0811 GEN4 driver is the fourth generation and new for 2021 with three model options – the XT, X and XF.

All three versions of the new driver features new technological advances to deliver more ball speed, distance and forgiveness than in any previous PXG model.

PXG 0811 GEN4 X Drivers

The XT is known as Xtreme Tour and is the premium option for fast swing speeds. The X is the standard option offering distance and forgiveness, while the XF is Xtreme Forgiveness.

The GEN4 version of the PXG driver now has a new hybrid carbon crown for increased stiffness and durability, a high-strength Ti412 titanium face, robotic polishing on the face thickness and curvature and a Honeycomb TPE insert.

The new look has been created to generate greater ball speeds and distance, but all come with a significant price tag.

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