Cobra King Radspeed Hybrids Review

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids feature new radial weighting for ultimate ball speed and forgiveness

Cobra’s Radspeed irons feature radial weighting for the perfect balance.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

Cobra King Hybrid Radspeed hybrids take design to a new level in the search for more distance and performance. GolfReviewsGuide takes a look at the hybrids.

Radial weighting, a design feature which uses the Radius of Gyration engineering formula, is where the Radspeed name comes from.

It works by increasing the distance between the front and back weights to create the perfect balance for faster ball speeds and distance as well as low spin, high launch and forgiveness.

The Radspeed ranges includes drivers, woods and irons as well as the hybrids, which are available in 2-hybrid to 5-hybrid options. The Radspeed hybrids will also be available in Cobra’s One Length option.

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What Cobra says about the Radspeed hybrids:

“The Radspeed Hybrid features front-biased internal Radial Weighting and an external back weight to deliver low spin, high launch and forgiveness.

“By increasing the distance between the front and back weights relative to the CG, we’ve created the optimal combination of low spin, and faster ball speed while maintaining forgiveness.

“12g of weight positioned in the front (two 6g internal RAD weights) and a 7g weight in the back create a balance of ultra low spin with high launch and forgiveness.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

“Hollow rails in the front create 70% more flex on the sole behind the face for higher launch and more speed.

“A forged insert is thinner and more flexible to create faster ball speeds and higher launch for greater stopping power into greens.”

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Cobra Radspeed Hybrids Design & Features

Cobra engineers discovered that by increasing the distance between front and rear weight they could produce the perfect combination of performance.

It is that element that is the key design feature – known as Radial Weighting, while each hybrid has a split track structure that creates a low CG location for a high launch.

Cobra have also included a pair of rails – known as Baffler Rails – that extend from the front edge of the sole to help keep the the hitting zone square at impact.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

The sole rails are hollow and mean Cobra have managed to save 10g of weight overall to help increase club head speed and ball speed.

There are two 6 grams of internal front wheel weight which combines with 7 grams of back weight for ultra-low torque and forgiveness.

The Radspeed hybrids are available in 2-Hybrid (17 degrees), 3-Hybrid (19 degrees), 4-Hybrid (21 degrees) and 5-Hybrid (24 degrees).

Cobra Radspeed Hybrids

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Verdict: Are Cobra Radspeed Hybrids any good?

Radspeed hybrids look good, clean at address and significantly produce a penetrating ball flight.

If you are looking for a hybrid that are long in distance and precise whether used from the fairway, rough or tee box, then these are the real deal.

The club is big enough to inspire confidence without being oversized and bulky. And the performance in terms of distance and accuracy is eye catching.


What are the Cobra Radspeed hybrids specs?

They are available in 2-Hybrid (17 degrees), 3-Hybrid (19 degrees), 4-Hybrid (21 degrees) and 5-Hybrid (24 degrees).

How much do Cobra King Radspeed hybrids putters cost?

The hybrids are retailing at around £125 / $160.