Cobra Air-X Hybrids Review (SUPER Light Rescues)

The Air-X are a super Cobra hybrid built for speed

The Air-X hybrids are Cobra’s lightest rescues yet.

Cobra Air-X Hybrids

The Cobra Air-X hybrids are new for 2022 with the lightweight rescues designed for golfers looking for extra swing speed and distance.

The Air-X hybrids earned a gold label from Golf Digest “Hot List” in 2022, which grades every new release. They certainly are an impressively well thought out club, providing more forgiveness and a high launch for golfers that need it.

With the same mission in mind as the new Air-X drivers, fairway woods and, to a lesser extent, irons, the hybrid series is all about chasing speed and introducing a slice resistance to benefit your game.

What Cobra says about the Air-X hybrids:

“The AIR-X hybrids are lightweight, easy to swing and feature a heel weighted and offset design to promote straighter and more accurate ball flights.

Cobra Air-X Hybrids

“The AIR-X hybrid features an extremely lightweight construction so every swing feels effortless, (and) a faster face design helps you hit the ball just as far even when you don’t make centre contact.

“Heel weighting and an offset hosel will correct your slice and keep your shots flying straight down the fairway.”

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Cobra Air-X Hybrids Design & Features

Cobra Air-Xs have been designed to be one of the most advanced rescue clubs on the market, engineered at an unprecedented weight, shaving eight total ounces from its previous release.

Cobra Air-X Hybrids

The Air-X has a new lightweight crown design that allows for faster ball speeds, and as a result greater distance.

Similar to the Air-X fairway woods, the weight in the club has been strategically dispersed towards the heel to increase the moment of inertia in efforts to combat the slicing of the golf ball.

This increase in MOI, paired with the offset of the club face, allows for a more forgiving strike and higher launch.

Cobra Air-X Rescues

The clubs have a deep face that makes it easier to hit the ball higher and more consistently than in previous similar models from Cobra like the Airspeed hybrids.

The hybrids are available in 3-hybrid (19 degrees), 4-hybrid (22 degrees), 5-hybrid (25 degrees), 6-hybrid (28 degrees) and 7-hybrid (31 degrees).

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Verdict: Are Cobra Air-X Hybrids any good?

The Air-X Hybrids come with a lot of hype, and the design efforts have undoubtedly allowed even golfers with relatively slow swings to generate faster club head speeds.

Cobra Air-X Hybrids

If you are struggling with a slice when using your rescue clubs, or feel you are missing the mark on club head speed, the Cobra Air-X hybrids could be the answer with more forgiveness thanks to the weighting and that lightweight club.

There are definite performance gains to be had from this hybrids range, and an additional positive is that the product has very competitively priced compared to other new 2022 releases.


How much do Cobra Air-X hybrids cost?

The Air-Xs are available for purchase at around £169 / $189 per hybrid.

What are the Cobra Air-X Hybrids specs?

The rescues are available in 3-hybrid (19 degrees), 4-hybrid (22 degrees), 5-hybrid (25 degrees), 6-hybrid (28 degrees) and 7-hybrid (31 degrees).

Would my Cobra hybrids come with a headcover?

Yes. All drivers, woods, and hybrids ordered from Cobra come with a headcover matching the club purchased.

Do my Cobra Air-X Hybrids come with a torque wrench?

Not for this one because you don’t need to adjust the lofts of the hybrids.