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Home » Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Printed Irons Launched (First Look & Review)

Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Printed Irons Launched (First Look & Review)

Cobra Limit3D 3D Irons Review

Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Printed Irons have been launched as a ground-breaking new released in June 2024. How does the 3D printing process work?

Cobra Golf innovated the golf industry when incorporating 3D printing technology into the manufacturing of their golf clubs, most notably the putter range.

The approach allows for more precise and complex designs that are difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional manufacturing methods.

Now there is a first iron set with the launch of the LIMIT3D range, Cobra’s first full set of players’ blades which is launched in June 2024 as a limited release.

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Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Printed Irons Design & Specs

The LIMIT3D is the world’s first 3D printed iron and will only be launched on a limited release of 500 sets.

The new and exclusive set break new ground as Cobra’s first-ever 3D printed design as the brand extend their expertise in the field having already got a range of 3D printed putters.

Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Irons

Little detail has been revealed about the irons, other than the teaser and image with the 3D model having a stylish AI designed look.

What we do know is the irons are a players’ blade and feature a forged club head with a honeycomb looking element to the rear of the iron head.

Although they are designed as a blade, the irons have been created with an incredibly soft feel from the forged club head and the sort of forgiveness normally expected from game-improvement irons.

Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Irons

Sold at a retail price of $3,000, just 500 sets will be available to buy with each set containing 4-iron to pitching wedge.

We will update this with more details on the design and technology features as soon as we know more.

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Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Irons Review: Are they any good?

All we have to go on are the images released by Cobra, but from those we can see a stylish looking iron set with a unique design.

Are they a gimmick being 3D designed? Or is this the future and are they going to be a top performer given Bryson DeChambeau has moved to playing 3D printed irons from LA Golf?

Cobra LIMIT3D 3D Irons

The truth will be in the testing once the limited edition irons are released. Only then will we find out if Cobra’s 3D irons are worth the huge price tag.

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What is the Cobra LIMIT3D 3D irons release date?

The limited-edition irons were unveiled in May 2024 and are on sale from June 7, 2024.

How much do the Cobra LIMIT3D irons cost?

The cost of the irons set is $3000.

What are the Cobra LIMIT3D irons specs?

The irons are sold in 4-iron to pitching wedge and will have just 500 sets released worldwide. Only right-handed sets are available.

What Cobra says about the LIMIT3D 3D Irons:

“We are thrilled to announce our first-ever set of 3D-printed irons – LIMIT3D.

“This product is the result of years of advanced 3D printing technology innovation, and is the perfect blend of a player’s performance blade but with the forgiveness of a game-improvement iron.

“The LIMIT3D irons utilize 3D printing technology to push beyond the capabilities of traditional casting and forging to develop a compact player’s blade profile that has a soft forged feel and the forgiveness of an oversized, game-improvement iron.”