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Home » Cobra Forged TEC Irons Review (FOURTH Generation Design)

Cobra Forged TEC Irons Review (FOURTH Generation Design)

Cobra King Forged TEC Irons

Cobra Forged TEC irons are new for 2022 with even more improvements extracted from the elite range to bring more feel, distance and forgiveness to your game.

In the latest model – the fourth generation of the TEC series, Cobra have worked on improving the shape and feel of their forged irons, which are aimed at the better players, at the same time as adding additional forgiveness.

With a hollow body filled with foam, these are irons that you can trust to deliver from anywhere on the course – from fairways to tight lies and the rough – with confidence.

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What Cobra says about the new forged irons:

“The irons are designed to inspire a better ball striking experience. Featuring a new 5-step forged body and face, and refined shaping, these irons deliver true feel and better player looks with all of the forgiveness you need.

“Experience unrivaled ball-striking through a sleeker and refined shape featuring a thinner topline and reduced offset that inspires precision and playability.

Cobra Forged TEC Irons

“Each iron is crafted from 1025 carbon steel and precision-forged 5 times to deliver soft, player-preferred feel. A hollow body design is filled with a lightweight foam that enhances feel and feedback.

“Dynamic distance is unleashed using a hollow body, thinner PWRSHELL Face, and 20g of tungsten for added stability.”

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Cobra Forged TEC Irons Design & Features

The new Forged TEC irons are the game players’ design, delivering precision and accuracy in bucket loads.

The key design from previous models is the new five-step forged body and face that the R&D team have come up with in a new refined shaping to the Forged TEC clubhead.

Cobra Forged TEC Irons

The irons have a thinner topline in the new model, which reduces offset and provides playability and precision while also offering a degree of forgiveness on off-centre ball strikes.

The Cobra irons are produced from 1025 carbon steel that has been precision-forged five times, and have a hollow body design filled with a lightweight foam.

Cobra’s now standard PWRSHELL Face is thinner in this model, allowing for the inclusion of a 20g of tungsten for added stability.

The irons, which are similar in performance to the TaylorMade P790 irons, are available in 3-iron to gap wedge. There is also One Length Irons available.

Cobra Forged TEC Irons

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Verdict: Are Cobra Forged TEC Irons any good?

Cobra have worked hard on improving the feel and feedback that golfers want from blade-like irons, and the Forged TEC model certainly achieves that.

The design tweaks have added forgiveness without compromising on the ball striking and shot shaping that this iron set has been all about.

The clever changes to the clubhead that have been made to squeeze out even more distance from this latest generation and the 2022 Forged TEC irons are certainly the best yet.

The only slightly off putting thing for some golfers will be the thinner topline and the view at address, which might not inspire confidence if you are struggling with your iron play.

Cobra Forged TEC

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How much do Cobra King Forged TEC irons cost?

A set of irons from 5-iron to pitching wedge costs around $975 / $840.

What are the Cobra Forged TEC irons specs?

The range of irons are available from 3-iron (19 degrees) to gap wedge (49 degrees). The stock pitching wedge is lofted at 44 degrees. There is also One Length Irons available.

Are Cobra Forged TEC irons blades?

The irons aren’t officially blades, but do have a blade-like look to them with what appears to be a solid clubhead and thin topline. They do, however, have a hollow body which is filled with foam.

What handicap are Cobra King Forged TEC irons aimed at?

The irons aren’t specially aimed at any range of golfer, but the look and feel of them will appeal to mid to low handicap golfers. Higher handicap golfers will be suited by irons with more forgiveness.