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Ecco S-Three Golf Shoes Review

Ecco S Three

The Ecco S-Three golf shoes have launched with the promise of providing the perfect balance between style, comfort and support – and boy do they deliver.

The new Ecco golf shoes provide comfort, stability and flexibility, with those three buzz words being the key marketing behind the S-Three shoes which have been tested by Henrik Stenson, Erik van Rooyen and Minjee Lee.

Ecco have come up with five different colour options for lady golfers in the S-Three shoes, while male golfers can choose from one of three very stylish colours.

What Ecco say about the S-Three shoes:

“Blending on-course performance with off-course style, the waterproof Ecco S-Three delivers premium comfort from the tee box to the clubhouse and beyond.

“This hybrid golf shoe is enhanced with an E-DTS outsole and GORE-TEX Technology for excellent traction and wet weather protection.

“The latest Ecco Zonal Fluidform innovation creates three distinct zones of rigidity in the midsole, ensuring the right balance of cushioning and stability.

“Every detail of Ecco S-Three is meticulously crafted to ensure you stay comfortable and supported the whole game.”

Ecco S-Three Golf Shoes Design

Ecco have really thought about comfort in the design of the new S-Three shoes, with the Zonal Fluidform innovation technology key to the who concept.

Ecco S Three

The Fluidform has helpe to creates three distinct zones of rigidity in the midsole, and it that which helps the S-Three live up to the tag of providing comfort, stability and flexibility.

The heel of the midsole in the S-Three shoes has been engineered to provide and ideal amount of cushioning, as well as comfort for the whole foot.

The middle of the midsole, which is firmer, is what provides the stability giving you maximum confidence at every stage of your swing, while the forefront of the midsole is soft and gives comfort and flexibility.

The S-Three shoes may be spikeless and ideal summer golfing attiere, but they provide excellent traction when it is wet underfoot and the breathable leather is fully waterproof.

Ecco S Three

The men’s options are availabie in white and grey, white and lime, and grey, while the five women’s options are white and grey, white and light grey, red, grey and beige.

Ecco S-Three Golf Shoes Verdict

The S-Three golf shoes are incredibly comfortable with the clever midsole via the Zonal Fluidform innovation being the key reason behind the design by Ecco.

They offer a stylish shoe that can be worn on and off the course in a variety of eye-catching colours, and come in classic colours in both the male and female versions.

Wearing the S-Three shoes, you won’t feel like you’ve just spent 3-4 hours pounding the golf course. They offer comfort, but the flexibility and stability is equally impressive too.

Ecco S Three

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