Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Review

The Speed Trap 2.0 helps you shape shots like never before

Speed Trap 2.0

The Speed Trap 2.0 from Eyeline Golf is a dynamic training aid that helps you perfect the perfect swing and enhance your game at home or on the range.

The Speed Trap 2.0 is the second generation of the unique training aid that uses four rods positioned to help golfers master their swing.

Whether you want to hit a draw, a fade or a straight through shot, the training aid helps you achieve that by forcing you to swing on a particular path to avoid hitting the rods.

If you struggle with one bad swing in particular, or want to add shot-shaping to your game, the Speed Trap might well be the answer.

What Eyeline Golf say about the Speed Trap 2.0:

“Most golfers are frustrated with lousy shots and have no idea how to fix them. The Speed Trap 2.0 guides you to a swing that creates good shots in 3 steps. Golf is exciting and fun again.

“With this new 2.0 version you get the rod tethers built into the strongest base ever and upgraded design points throughout. We’ve learned a lot and you are going to love it.

“(It is) wider to make it easier for your driver, (features a) longer slot to give more room for you to ‘trap’ the ball, (and has a) brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line.”

Speed Trap 2.0
Speed Trap 2.0

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