F2 Wedge Review

The F2 wedge is said to be an anti-shank club to improve your short game.

F2 Wedges

The F2 wedge is a unique design from Pyramid Putter that is said to help shave at least 10 shots off your game.

Just like the Pyramid Putter itself, the F2 wedge comes with a high degree of confidence behind it and with the promise of being game improving and shot saving.

The F2 wedge is now in its second generation and has been redesigned to have a “shank proof” hosel, a larger hitting area on the club face and a dual bounce zone.

Why they say about the F2 Wedge:

“Our latest design upgrades include an expansion of the useable area of the face, giving you the largest hitting area available from heel to toe.

“The latest F2 comes with a dual bounce sole creating more consistent turf interaction giving you more control out of any lie…including the bunkers.

“Whether tight lies in the fairway, deep rough or sand traps, the dual bounce sole will help you hit the ball in the middle of the face.

“It’s the best of both world’s. A thin sole performance for tight lies and wide sole glide perfectly along the ground and stop the fat shots.”

F2 Wedge Design

F2 Wedges
F2 Wedges
F2 Wedges

F2 Wedge Verdict

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