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Pyramid Putters Review

Pyramid Putters

Pyramid Putters have used the principle of driver design and come up a revolutionary putter they think can shave seven or eight shot off a golfers score each round.

Blade and mid-mallet options have been released by Pyramid, and the AZ-1 putters come with a concept of producing a straight strike even on off-centre stroke.

Pyramid took the concept of the face of drivers having a correctiveness for off-centre strikes and applied it to their putter face. The end result is a putter than is said to keep putts straighter like no other.


What Pyramid Putters say about the new putters:

“Can we make a putter that will make those off-centre putts go straight? To answer this question, the club designers looked at driver design.

“The ‘gear effect’ on drivers means that strikes toward the heel and the toe curve toward the middle of the fairway.

“Even if you strike the putt just 1/8 of an inch off-centre on a 10 footer, your putt may completely miss the hole. 

“So the people at Pyramid started experimenting with gear effect and they discovered this…Gear effect on a putter will keep a putt going straight…on the intended line…even with off-centre strikes.

“To help golfers sink more putts, they created THE PYRAMID PUTTER. It’s the first putter that keeps off-centre putts tracking straight toward the target.”

Pyramid Putters

Pyramid Putters Design

The AZ-1 Pyramid Putter comes in both a traditional blade head and a mid-mallet option, both with classic looks.

In looks they don’t stand out from the crowd, although they do have very attractive black matte finish that not only looks pleasing on the eye but also reduces the glare of the sun.

It is on the technological front where the Pyramid does differ from others, because it has been designed with forgiveness firmly at the forefront of the process.

The weighting is even with the putters balanced between offset and toe hang, and it is that idea that helps the head produce straight strikes even when off-centre.

Pyramid Putters

The pyramid shaped milling on both sides of the face produce an arc back to straight if you do catch the ball on the heel or toe side of the face. And that is the big selling pitch of the AZ-1.

Pyramid Putters Verdict

The idea behind the Pyramid Putters is smart, given just how well our drivers work using the same notion of correcting off-centre strikes a little.

But the important thing to note is that they aren’t a traditional putter. If that is what you are looking for, the TaylorMade Spider, Ping Anser, Odyssey Exo range or Scotty Cameron Select putters will be more your thing.

The milling on the face is the unusual design feature that some golfers won’t like, but it is the crucial factor to the whole concept if you are going to add a Pyramid Putter to your bag.

Pyramid Putters

You have to wonder about the longevity of the technology and idea, given none of the big guns have tried anything similar. But if you are keen to hole more putters and don’t mind trying new concepts, give Pyramid a go.

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Who makes the Pyramid Putter?

The Pyramid Putters range is licenced by Break Even Golf, a company first formed in 2020. Break Even Golf market golf equipment and develop products of their own. The Pyramid Putters are joined by the F2 Wedges

What is the best Pyramid Putter?

The AZ-1 is the only putter from Pyramid, but it does come in two models. There is a blade option or a mid-mallet. Both come with unique face design that is the key feature of the Pyramid products.

How much does the Pyramid Putter cost?

The Pyramid putters were retailing at $329/£266 but are now available at $199/£161.