Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless Golf Shoe Review

Fazer's spikeless shoes are a stylish golf shoe that impress on and off the course

The Fazer FZ-02 Europa is a very impressive shoe for the price.

Fazer FZ-02 Shoes

Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless golf shoes are an attractive and low cost summer shoe. GolfReviewsGuide.com reviews the shoes.

Retailing at a fraction of the cost of more renowned brands, the Fazer Europa shoes are a real value for money option for golfers in the market for new spikeless golf shoes.

Sold in an attractive white and blue colour scheme, the FZ-02s feature a 100% high-density micro PU upper, rubber midsole for comfort and a multi-direction spike pattern for traction.

What Fazer says about the FZ-02 shoes:

“This high-performing golf shoe provides multi-direction grip and stability throughout the golf swing.

“The Europa offers sleek style constructed with a high-density micro PU upper for long-lasting durability which offers 100% waterproof protection from the elements.

“The shoe has a rubber midsole for high-rebound cushioning and has a specifically moulded EVA cushioning insole which provides maximum walking comfort.”

Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless Shoes

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Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless Golf Shoe Design & Features

The Fazer FZ-02 shoes are budget in price but they are not short on features and a spikeless shoe that offers plenty at the price point.

The shoes from Fazer are a summer spikeless option offering durability and comfort, thanks to a high-density micro PU upper that is built to last.

Fazer FZ-02 Shoes

The comfort comes thanks to two elements, the first a rubber midsole that has a high-rebound cushioning for all types of terrain.

Fazer have also built in a moulded EVA cushioning insole that makes these spikeless shoes among the most comfortable out there.

The soles feature a multi-direction grip of soft dimples to provide traction through the swing, even if ground conditions are slightly wet.

The shoes are available in white and navy blue and are 100% waterproof.

Fazer FZ-02 Shoes

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Verdict: Are Fazer FZ-02 Golf Shoes any good?

These Fazer shoes take value for money to the next level, costing just £30 a pair. You will struggle to find anything close to that price.

The price doesn’t mean you are purchasing a cheap or budget shoe either because there a plenty of benefits from the spikeless FZ-02s.

Durability, comfort and style far outweigh way you should expect of the price tag, and you will be surprised by just how nice these shoes are.


How much do Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless Golf Shoes cost?

They are sold for around £30 a pair and are one of the cheapest you will find.

What colours are available in the Fazer FZ-02 Europa Golf Shoes?

The FZ-02 model only come in white and navy blue colour option.

Are the Fazer FZ-02 Europa Spikeless Golf Shoes waterproof?

Yes. They are sold with a 100% guarantee.