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Fazer XR2 P650 Putter Review

Fazer XR2 P650 Putter

The Fazer XR2 P650 putter is a stylish blade putter that won’t break the bank. reviews the budget price putter.

Featuring heel and toe weighting, an oversized grip for feel on the greens and an impressive performance for the low price, the Fazer turns heads for right reasons.

The Fazer XR2 P650 Putter could be the solution you are looking for to improve your game and avoid those dreaded three-putt and horrible four-putt holes.

What Fazer says about the XR 2 P650 putter:

“Improve your putting ability with the XR2 putter from Fazer.

“The incredible feel of the oversized grip allows for a far more comfortable feel in your hand, plus reduces wrist turn for more putting consistency.

Fazer XR2 P650 Putter

“It has a high-contrast clubface that gives great acoustics and feel, combined with scorelines which helps to improve ball roll for better distance control.

“The XR2’s contrasting alignment aid at the rear is perfect for helping to stay on target, to build confidence from hole to hole.”

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Fazer XR2 P650 Putter Design & Features

The P650 model is one of a number of affordable putters launched in the Fazer XR2 range.

Although not exclusively designed for higher handicappers, it has been targetted specifically at beginners and golfers on a budget.

Fazer P650 Putter

While not in the same league as more established putter brands, the Fazer still includes some well thought out technology to ensure you get more putts online and in the hole.

The P650 comes with heel and toe weighting, an oversized grip to improve feel and touch and contrasting colours on the white putter head to help with alignment.

It is only available as a right-handed putter and with a 34-inch shaft, meaning it isn’t going to be right for everyone.

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Verdict: Is Fazer’s XR2 P650 putter any good?

If you are looking for an affordable right-handed putter with some helpful weighting and alignment features, then the Fazer putter should come under consideration.

Fazer XR2 P650 Putter

It isn’t ground-breaking in design, and doesn’t come with years of testing to get maximum performance. But it does what it needs to and is a fraction of the cost of other putters.

A good, solid, low-budget putter that performs well is what you can expect from the XR2 P650.


How much does the Fazer XR2 P650 Putter cost?

It retails for around £45/$60 and is one of the cheapest options on the market.

What is the guarantee on the Fazer XR2 P650 Putter?

Customers can expect a one-year guarantee on clubs that are purchased from Fazer.