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Fazer XR2 P400 Putter Review

Fazer XR2 P400 Putter

The Fazer XR2 P400 putter offers a low-cost and budget option to add to your bag. checks out the cheap flat stick option.

If you are struggling with your putting but on a budget, then a fix might be as simple as trying the Fazer XR2 P400 Putter.

It boasts eye-catching feel, an oversized putting grip, heel and toe weighting and alignment aids to help you hole more putts…without breaking the bank.

What Fazer says about the XR2 P400 putter:

“Improve your putting ability with the XR2 putter from Fazer.

“The incredible feel of the oversized grip allows for a far more comfortable feel in your hand, plus reduces wrist turn for more putting consistency.

Fazer XR2 P400 Putter

“It has a high-contrast clubface that gives great acoustics and feel, combined with scorelines which helps to improve ball roll for better distance control.

“The XR2s contrasting alignment aid at the rear is perfect for helping to stay on target, to build confidence from hole to hole.”

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Fazer XR2 P400 Putter Design & Features

The Fazer putter isn’t blessed with the technological advances of other similar products, but the key with the XR2 P400 is the price.

This is a putter aimed at beginners and golfers on a limited budget, but still offers plenty of performance.

The XR2 features heel and toe weighting, which has been designed to help avoid mishits, pulls and pushes and keep putts online.

Fazer XR2 P400 Putter

This putter has a 34-inch shaft as standard and comes with an oversized grip to help feel.

There is also a high-contrast alignment aids in white. The lines contrast with the black putter head and red colour scheme, or black and silver.

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Fazer XR 2 P400 Putter Verdict

The Fazer putter is ideally suited to beginners and higher handicap golfers. But don’t let that put you off if you are a low handicap as there are good performance gains to be had.

The price for this putter is the big selling point, being one of the cheapest on the market.

If you are finding the greens fine, but struggling to hole more putts then the XR2 P400 could help. Particularly if you are limited in budget or just don’t like to spend big on golf equipment.

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How much does the Fazer P400 putter cost?

This putter will cost around £45/$60 and is one of the cheapest options around.

What is the guarantee on the Fazer XR2 P400 putter?

Expect a 12-month guarantee to be available on all golf clubs from the Fazer brand.