How to Use a Golf Rangefinder?

Handy guide to using a rangefinder on the golf course and the benefits.

All you need to know about using a rangefinder.

Laser Rangefinder

Have you noticed how some golfers are more aware of the distance they need to hit or which club they should choose to play a particular shot? Learn how to use a golf rangefinder with this handy guide.

Well, of course, it will all come down to experience, but some golfers now rely on technology to help them improve their play.

Next time you are out on the course, you may notice another golfer using a pair of binoculars with rangefinder capabilities.

Devices like these are held up to the eyes to enable a person to determine how far away a target is.

Of course, using such a device can help to improve your game quite a lot. But you must learn to use such equipment properly. Otherwise, the readings you receive back will not be as accurate as you would hope them to be.

How to Use a Golf Rangefinder to Improve Your Game?

You could, of course, spend time and read through the entire manual that came with yours or even watch some videos on YouTube.

But we feel the best way for you to learn everything about the features of your golf rangefinder is to use it.

Below are a few basic steps that will help you when you choose to take and use your rangefinder when next playing a round of golf.

Aim at the Ground First

Before turning it on, it is best first to aim it at the ground, then press the button on top so it can start measuring distance and provide you with a more accurate measurement.

Breathe in a Relaxed Manner

By breathing slowly, it will help you stabilize the device and help you create a solid base when it comes to holding the rangefinder with just one hand.

Always Aim from the Tee

Doing this helps you familiarise yourself with the holes on the course, allowing you to determine just how far away your target is and any hazards.

Use on Approach Shots

Whether laid up or hitting an approach shot, it is essential to survey the course before you. It will help you to identify any potential hazards then.

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Additional Tip: Get Rangefinder Binoculars

Laser Rangefinder

In the beginning, to help improve your golf, we recommend that you use it for every shot you will be playing. Using a golf rangefinder should become part of any pre-shot routine you have.

But before we explain how to use a golf rangefinder, let us take a brief look at the types of binoculars with rangefinder technology you can use today, playing golf.

Type 1 – Laser Rangefinder

These are the most popular as they are the most accurate. It sends out a laser beam towards the target and then measures how long it takes for the beam of light to bounce back of it.

Type 2 – GPS Rangefinder

A pair of GPS rangefinder binoculars use pin-seeking technology to determine the target’s distance.

Once the rangefinder has been pointed at the target, the technology inside the binoculars then locks on to. But before you can use such devices, a map of the course you are playing must be loaded up onto it.

Type 3 – Optical Rangefinder

These devices are a lot less popular but still quite effective at helping to measure the distance of how far away the target is.

They can still help with providing you with the location of your chosen target but don’t accurately measure the distance as laser golf rangefinder binoculars do.

Using a pair of binoculars with the rangefinder technology can help make a round of golf more enjoyable, but you shouldn’t rely on it all the time but instead just help it improve the way you play.