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7 Tips Every New Golfer Should Know

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For those looking to pursue a new hobby that takes you outdoors but doesn’t involve intense running or physical strength, golf is the perfect option. We’ve got tips for new golfers that you need to know.

Golf is a great choice for sports-minded people who prefer not to partake in more strenuous sports, such as football or soccer. It’s also something you can get into at any time, making it extremely beginner-friendly.

When searching for ideal outdoor golf courses for beginners, it’s crucial to weigh factors such as course difficulty, amenities, and the overall experience.

Public courses, open to all, allow beginners to play without requiring membership or an invitation, simplifying the initiation process. Conversely, private clubs tend to foster a more exclusive and traditional atmosphere, often fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among their members.

For those seeking a weather-independent golf experience that doesn’t require extensive outdoor space, consider indoor virtual golf.

This innovative approach replicates the golfing experience within an indoor facility using advanced technology, allowing you to practice, improve your skills, and enjoy the game with friends and family while being shielded from the elements.

But what are tips for new golfers that you need to know to ensure you are fully prepared for your first round?

Who tees off first?

On the first hole, the order of play is usually decided by mutual agreement or by tossing a golf tee. When the tee lands on the ground, the golfer that it points toward has the honour.

From that point on, the golfer with the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first. If there is a tie on the hole, those golfers tee off in the same order as the previous hole.

Are golf lessons worth it? Why?

Golf lessons are certainly worth it with the right teacher! Since new golfers cannot see their own swing, it helps to have an accomplished golfer assist them with it.

The best way to improve your game is by finding a teacher you like and trust.

Golf lessons may cover short game techniques and course management and address specific issues in your game.

Instructors may use video analysis, provide practice drills, discuss etiquette and rules, address the mental aspect of golf, and may even incorporate fitness training.

Lessons are tailored to your needs and goals, but improvement requires practice and patience over time.

Golf simulators are valuable tools for golf training, offering accessibility, convenience, and detailed feedback. They can help you work on your game effectively, especially when getting out on the golf course is difficult.

Are golf shoes necessary? Why?

Golf shoes are recommended but not mandatory. They are best used to help golfers maintain solid footing while swinging.

If a golfer loses their footing during the swing, the result is typically a poorly struck golf shot, and in some instances, the golfer may fall and injure themselves.

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What are the best clubs and balls to use?

The best clubs and golf balls can be determined by going to a club fitting specialist.

Every golfer has different swing speeds and abilities. Specialists can help each golfer find the proper equipment using Toptracer and TrackMan technology.

Once you have the right equipment, you can experiment with different golf balls to determine what works best. A properly fit golf ball will help you play your best game.

Any tips for keeping my head down while swinging?

This is one of the most common faults among new golfers. When swinging, it is important to keep your eyes down and not your head. Try to watch the club make contact or count to three before looking at the shot.

How to decide when to use a higher or lower-numbered iron?

The irons with higher numbers travel further in the air but for a shorter distance than irons with lower numbers.

You can determine which one to use by hitting all of your irons at targets on the driving range. Most facilities have a driving range with target flags at various distances.

It’s important to memorize the distance at which you hit each club to have a good idea of which club to use during a game. Keep in mind that there will also be instances where you’ll need to hit shots over or under obstacles.

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When should I yell, “Fore!”?

As part of proper golf etiquette, golfers must yell, “Fore!” if they unintentionally hit the ball in the direction of another person. This warns them to safely move away from the area to avoid getting hit.

Once you’ve got these tips down, you should be all set to play your first round successfully and book that golf trip in Pinehurst, NC, or your local golf course.

Remember to have fun as you take your game to the course as a new golfer. The more you practice, the more you improve.