Lazrus Wedges Review

The Lazrus wedges are a value-for-money alternative to add spin to your short game.

Lazrus wedges deliver plenty of spin and control at a fraction of the price.

Lazrus Wedges

The Lazrus wedges set features three lofts options and comes at a very attractive price. Do they outperform the price and do they deliver short game gains?

Very similar to the Kirkland Signature wedge set, the Lazrus wedges have been sold in a three set with lofts of 52, 56 and 60 degrees. However, you can now purchase any of the wedges individually too.

Just like the Kirkland models, the Lazrus wedges are sold at a very competitive price and you can bag all three at a fraction of the cost of more renowned brands like Titleist Vokeys or TaylorMade MG wedges. The spin and consistency they offer are impressive for the cost.

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What Lazrus says about the wedges and wedges set:

“As golfers, when we set out to build world-class golf clubs, we had to ask ourselves what the focal point and main reason for doing so was?

“Our first priority was to cut out the middleman and big retail prices so we could provide golfers the absolute highest quality clubs at the best price possible.

Lazrus Wedges Black

“This premium quality golf wedge set is made in the same place as some of the best golf brands in the world.

“You get an entire set of the premium quality golf club wedges for less than the price of one single club from a top brand. Premium golf clubs without the premium price.”

Lazrus Wedges Design & Features

Lazrus have come up with an impressive performing wedge that costs a fraction of the price of more well-known brands.

The wedges have a forged club head with a milled face for extra spin and control.

Lazrus Wedges

They don’t particularly stand out as anything out of ordinary, but the neat, compact design is all about creating short game spin at a snip of the price of other wedges. That is the USP.

The wedge set is sold with three lofts of 52 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees. You can also now purchase individual wedges, although the same three lofts are all that is available.

They are available in silver, black or rainbow coloured club heads and in both right and left handed options.

Lazrus Wedges Rainbow

Verdict: Are Lazrus wedges any good?

The wedges are perfect for all skill levels, not just elite players looking to add more spin, and match 99% of golfers.

The club head looks great at address, you a get a confident feel and touch from them and the levels of spin generated are impressive.

The price is the real eye-catcher with these wedges, but the downside is that they come with just the three pre-determined loft and bounce options . If you a looking to plug gaps in your bag, they might not be for you.


How much do Lazrus Wedges cost?

A set of three wedges is sold at around £130 / $175. Individual wedges can be purchased at around £50 / $68 each.

What specs are available in the Lazrus wedges?

The wedge set is sold with three lofts of 52 degrees, 56 degrees and 60 degrees. They have bounce of 8 degrees, 12 degrees and 10 degrees respectively.

Do the Lazrus wedges come with a warranty?

Yes, they have a one year warranty as standard as well as a 30 day guarantee after purchase.