Miura KM-700 Irons Review (REVOLUTIONARY Iron Design)

The KM-700 are the revolutionary new irons from Miura

Miura’s KM-700 irons are the most complete design and launched in December 2022.

Miura KM-700 Irons

Miura KM-700 irons are the newest model from the leading Japanese brand, and are the premium set with a revolutionary design launched in December 2022.

Miura irons were first launched in 1977 with Katsuhiro Miura coming up with a new forging process to create some of the world’s most luxurious golf clubs.

The KM-700 is the latest version of his search for perfection with optimal weight distribution the key design element in the endless bid to create the ultimate golf iron.

What Miura says about the KM-700 irons:

“Katsuhiro Miura has spent five years perfecting the newest member of the Miura Golf lineup, the KM-700.

“Designed to deliver the club head to square at impact, this revolutionary design is made possible only by Miura’s proprietary manufacturing techniques in concert with the grinding expertise of the Miura Craftsmen.

Miura KM-700 Irons

“The never ending search for perfection included numerous iterations of the head, all the while searching for the optimum weight distribution.

“The result is a club which will allow all golfers to get the most out of their game.”

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Miura KM-700 Irons Specs & Design

The KM-700 carry the name of Katsuhiro Miuro, the man behind the company who came up with unique forging process of creating golf irons.

Miuro spent five years honing the design on the club head in this model and the key element was the optimal weighting he didn’t feel he had managed to create in previous irons.

The revolutionary design means the club head can now be delivered square at impact more often than ever before in this blade.

Miura KM-700 Irons

The irons feature a innovative toe-cut grind, which works with the hosel and heel design to move the centre of gravity and increase the sweet spot. As a result, you get more forgiveness on off centre ball striking.

The club head is a premium S20C soft carbon steel creation with a nickel chrome and deep satin finish for the most pleasing of looks.

Miura have also created the KM-700s with a progressive total weight from 4-iron through Pitching Wedge, and with significant increases in bounce from 1.5 degrees to 6 degrees across the set.

The KM-700 irons are available in 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (29 degrees), 7-iron (33 degrees), 8-iron (37 degrees), 9-iron (41 degrees) and Pitching Wedge (46 degrees).

Verdict: Are Miura KM-700 irons any good?

Yes is the short answer – but only for better and elite level players with these bladed irons a players’ option suited to shot shaping.

These aren’t the right option for mid-to-high handicapper golfers who need forgiveness and a confidence inspiring club head when standing over the ball.

The Miura KM-700s are all about stunning feel, shot shaping and control and are a stunning option to consider adding to the bag if you really want a new blade in the bag.

You just need a big budget to order a set of these!


What is the Miura KM-700 irons release date?

The irons are available to purchase from December 2022.

How much do the Miura KM-700 irons cost?

Each Miura KM-700 iron costs £340 / $410 per club.

What are the Miura KM-700 irons specs?

The KM-700 irons are available in 4-iron (23 degrees), 5-iron (26 degrees), 6-iron (29 degrees), 7-iron (33 degrees), 8-iron (37 degrees), 9-iron (41 degrees) and Pitching Wedge (46 degrees).