Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls Review (LESS Than $1 A Ball)

The Crossfire balls from Nitro are a value for money large carton

A look at what the Nitro Crossfire golf balls are like.

Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls

Nitro Crossfire golf balls are one of the cheapest you will find on the market, but are they actually any good?

Sold in a huge 45-pack or carton by Nitro Golf LLC, the Nitro Crossfire ball is all about value for money at less than a $1 per ball.

As you might expect at that price point, you are not getting a premium golf ball stacked with technology and benefits. What you do get is an ideal cheap golf ball for beginners or newcomers.

In this article, we look at the structure of the Nitro Crossfire, what it offers and if it is suited to your game.

What they say about the Nitro Crossfire:

“Nitro’s new high energy titanium core and its innovative dimple pattern has created a ball with optimum performance and softness without sacrificing the distance that Nitro Golf balls are known for.

“Low spin off the tee and extra feel on the tough shots make the Crossfire a ball that can be played by all players of different skill levels.

Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls

“Extraordinary distance off woods, with ultimate stopping ability with your irons and aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design increases lift and decreases drag for higher, longer shots.

“Solid 2 piece titanium core maximizes the energy transfer from club head to the ball, Dupont Lithium Surlyn cut proof cover for long term durabilit and soft feel 85 compression with hit and stick action.”

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Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls Design & Features

The Nitro Golf Crossfire Golf Balls are one of the best options for golfers looking for a budget-friendly option that still delivers great performance on the course.

Sold as a 45-ball pack, they offer great value for the price at less than $1 per ball and are long-lasting and durable thanks to its DuPont Lithium Surlyn cut-proof cover.

Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls

They are designed to maximise energy transfer from club face to ball with its solid 2-piece high energy titanium core that plays long out on the course.

That firm 85 compression construction of the ball means they are not the best option for golfers with slower swing speeds, but if you are suited to them then watch them fly.

You will not get the same level of spin control as more softer compression golf balls, but these are all about price and value and you can’t knock what you get in terms of performance.

The Nitro Crossfires are available in white, and come in a 45-pack from Amazon.

Nitro Crossfire Golf Balls

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Verdict: Are Nitro Crossfire golf balls any good?

The Nitro balls are incredible value but they aren’t suited to low or even mid-handicap golfers.

These are an ideal option for beginners, newcomers to the game of golf and higher handicappers who have trouble with losing balls.

You get an amazing 54-pack of balls at less than $1 per ball. You won’t find that price anywhere else, but you have to accept that some of the performance benefits you might accept won’t be available from the Nitros.


How much do Nitro Crossfire balls cost?

The 45-pack of balls is available at around $43 a carton.

How many balls are available in the Nitro Crossfire carton?

The Crossfires are sold in a pack of 45 balls.

What is the compression of the Nitro Crossfire golf balls?

They are a fairly firm 85 compression structure.

What colours are available in the Nitro Crossfire balls?

They are available in white, yellow and orange balls.