Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter Review

The #1WS putter is an oversized blade option and part of the White Hot OG family

Is the #1WS putter from Odyssey a good performer?

Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter

The Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter is an oversized blade aimed at providing more confidence over putts. How does it compare to other traditional sized blades?

One of eight models in the 2021 OG White Hot putters series, the #1WS joins the #1, 2-Ball, Rossie, Rossie S, #5, #7 and #7S.

The putter features a wider sole than the very similar Odyssey #1 blade putter to inspire added confidence over even the most difficult of putts.

It features a two-part urethane White Hot insert and is available in a steel shafted option along with a stroke lab shaft model too.

What Odyssey say about the White Hot #1WS putter:

“The Odyssey White Hot OG #1 Wide Sole is a blade putter. This putter is toe hang and best suited for strokes with an arc.

“The original White Hot formulation, feel, sound and performance are all back in one exceptional two-part urethane insert.

Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter

“Tour players and golfers alike have been asking us to re-introduce it for years, and we’ve listened.

“Our engineers have combined a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling on the surfaces.

“These ultra-premium offerings are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a White Hot, and the beautiful designs will appeal to golfers who appreciate the look of a milled putter.”

Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter Design & Features

Similar in looks to the #1 putter in the White Hot range, #1WS differs because of two notable design elements.

This version features a wide blade or wide sole, which is where the WS name comes from, as well as a slant neck.

The hosel on the #1WS is toe-hung and this oversized blade model suits golfers with a slight arc putting stroke.

Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS Putter

The two-part urethane White Hot insert produces exceptional feel on long and short putts.

The putter has a rich silver PVD finish and is available for purchases in steel and red Stroke Lab shafts with a grey DFX grip.

Shaft lengths are available from 32-38 inch options in both right hand and left hand putters

Verdict: Is the Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS putter any good?

If you like using a traditional blade, but equally like some of the elements that larger headed mallets offer…the #1WS could be the right choice for you.

This putter has all the classic look and hallmarks of a blade, but you get a much more chunky putter head firmly in view thanks to the wide sole.

Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS

It is that more substantial head that helps inspire confidence over long and short putts. The White Hot insert should also help with distance control with much more forward roll generated than previous generations.

All in all, the #1WS is an impressive putter with very little to dislike.


How much does the Odyssey White Hot OG #1WS putter cost?

The #1WS putter retails between $240/£180 and $267/£200. The Stroke Lab putter models cost more.

What other putters are available in the White Hot OG range?

The #1 and #1WS are blade options, while the Rossie and Rossie S are small mallets. The 2-Ball, #5, #7 and #7S are full mallet designs.