Ping G410 Plus Driver Review (Featuring MOVEABLE Weights)

The G410 is Ping's first driver with moveable weights

Ping G410 Plus Driver

The Ping G410 Plus driver is part of a series of three models in the range, but significantly sees Ping break new ground.

Released along with the the G410 LST driver and the G410 SFT driver as well as woods, hybrids and irons, the Plus is the only one of the trio to feature a moveable weight in the club head.

Ping have never ventured into moveable weighting systems before but that is the big selling point of the G410 Plus driver, which puts the power in the hands of you the golfers to choose the perfect set up for your game.

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What Ping say about the G410 Plus driver:

“Our new, movable-weight technology provides the benefits of custom CG locations, including directional control, without sacrificing MOI or ball speeds, which is what we’ve always seen with other non-fixed-weight drivers,” Ping president John K. Solheim said.

“The G410 Plus offers golfers a simple, logical way to customise their driver and allows them to swing away on the tee box without fear of missing the fairway.”

Ping G410 Plus Driver

Ping’s marketing adds: “Significant advancements in custom fitting while increasing both forgiveness and ball speed highlight the G410 Plus driver.

“Movable-weight technology offers a simple way to customize your driver for a desired ball flight so you can swing fearlessly and hit a lot more fairways. Trajectory Tuning 2.0 expands your loft and lie options utilizing a new patented eight-setting, lightweight hosel.”

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Ping G410 Plus Driver Specs & Design

The Ping G410 Plus driver is the first ever from Ping to feature a moveable weight with a 16g tungsten weight posistion on the outer of the club head which can be slid around to create a draw or fade bias.

Changing how the weight is positioned via the movable-weight technology in now in your hands, allowing you to perfect the ball flight and centre of gravity of the G410 Plus.

Ping G410 Plus Driver

Ping have managed to improve the performance of the the G400 model, most notably by moving the weight-saving Dragonfly technology from the crown to inside the club head of all G410 drivers.

The Turbulators on the crown have also been made bigger to help improve aerodynamics and increase club speed through the air, while there is a wider heat-treated face to provide maximum distance without sacrificing forgiveness.

The G410 driver comes in 9, 10.5 and 12 degree options with 1.5 degree of loft adjustability from the hosel available.

Ping G410 Plus Driver

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Verdict: Is the G410 Plus Driver any good?

It might be the first driver with moveable weights from Ping, but it looks like they have been at the top of the market for quite some time with they have introduced with the G410 Plus.

The weighting system is very clever, because it is easy to make changes to set up without any need to swap weights as with other models. That could be a downside, of course, as it makes tinkering with the bias too easy to do.

But the flexibility that the G410 offers far outweighs the negatives. You get the kind of choice in terms of set up that tour players enjoy and can customise the G410 Plus to whatever you want from your driver.

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Is the Ping G410 Plus driver adjustable?

The G410 is fully adjustable, offering the chance to choose the set up you want from the driver. It is Ping’s first driver to feature moveable weights. The sliding weight on the back of the club can be set anywhere from fade bias to draw bias.

What are the Ping G410 Plus driver specs?

9.0°±1.5°45 3/4"58.50°206.0g455ccD3
10.5°±1.5°45 3/4"58.50°206.0g455ccD3
12°±1.5°45 3/4"58.50°206.0g455ccD3

How much does the Ping G410 Plus driver cost?

The price of the G410 driver varies from retailer to retailer but starts from around £359/$443.