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Ping Vault Putters Review

Ping Vault Putters

The Ping Vault putters now feature five models with a combination of blade and mallets providing better feel and balance than in any previous range.

The latest range of the popular Vault putters featurs the Anser 2, Arna, Bergen, Oslo and Voss with two blades, a mid-mallet and two mallet designs to choose from.

Ping have produced the five putters in either platinum, slate (a dark grey) or stealth (black) and they are an impressive set of flat sticks.

These next generation putters are 100% precision milled and feature the Ping True Roll Technology (TR) that was well received in the original Vault models, and it should help you produce consistent ball striking and speeds on the greens.

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What Ping say about the Vault range of putters:

“Inspired by our legendary Gold Putter Vault, this series improves touch and speed control with the patented True-Roll face technology, one of the most significant and measurable innovations in putting performance in recent years.

“The individually milled face pattern varies in depth and pitch, which speeds up off-center impacts, ultimately leading to fewer three-putts. All models are offered in a Platinum, Slate or Stealth finish.”

Ping Vault Anser 2 Review

Ping Vault Anser 2

The Anser is Ping’s traditional looking blade style putter and the brand’s most successful on tour too. Featuring a single sight line, it is inspired from the iconic Anser shape first crafted by Allan Dale Solheim and suits golfers with a putting arc. The Anser 2 is available in two colour options: Platinum and Slate.

Ping Vault Arna Review

Ping Vault Arna

The Arna is the only mid-mallet in the Vault range and is ideally suited to golfers who like the confidence of a bigger putter head. It has a classic curved back to the mallet head and sports the same single sightline as the Anser model. Suited to those with a slight arc putting stroke, the Arna comes in Platinum and Slate colour options.

Ping Vault Bergen Review

Ping Vault Bergen

The first of the mallets, the Bergen can be bought in all three colours: Platinum, Slate or Stealth. The mallet head in the Bergen is the biggest and the heaviest (along with the Oslo) in the entire range. The Bergen, which is ideal for golfers with a slight arc putting stroke or a straight back and through motion, has an elongated head that really inspires confidence over putts, particularly given the length of the single sightline.

Ping Vault Oslo Review

Ping Vault Oslo

The Oslo is a slightly smaller mallet in terms of the head size, compared to the Bergen. At 365g, it weighs the same as the Bergen and is also an ideal putter for a slight arc or straight stroke. The putter head isn’t as long in the Oslo but still provides a significant amount of confidence. This model is also available Platinum, Slate and Stealth with the latter being the only version in the Vault range to have a blue sightline.

Ping Vault Voss Review

Ping Vault Voss

The Voss is the second of the blade designs in the Vault range, and it isn’t too dissimilar to the Anser 2 in looks. The difference is that the Voss is a little squarer overall. Again it suits golfers with a putting arc stroke and has the single sightline. The Voss has heel-toe weighting that sets it apart from the Anser model. It can be purchased in Platinum or Stealth.

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