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Ping 2022 Putters Review (11 NEW Putters)

Ping 2022 Putters

New Ping 2022 putters have been unveiled with 11 new models covering the entire spectrum of golfers’ needs for the remainder of the year and into 2023.

Ping believe the new range, which features versions of classics and some newcomers, is a complete offering and has the ideal putter for anyone.

From the Anser to the new Tyne, Ping have come up with a series of new releases containing blades, mid-mallets and mallets that deliver performance in bucket loads.

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What Ping say about the new 2022 putters:

“The new Ping putters are individually designed to achieve the proper balance of feel and forgiveness in a confidence-inspiring look.

“The putters include multi-material, high-MOI blades, mid-mallets and mallets, firm milled faces and soft-feeling inserts, a range of alignment cues, and eye-pleasing color blocking.

“There’s a putter to fit every golfer while elevating control and consistency on putts of any length.”

Ping 2022 Putters Design & Features

Ping have focused on making the putter heads of all 11 models incredibly stable with high MOI and a CG that is low and back.

The putters are multi-material in make-up with a die-cast aluminum body, a 304 stainless steel sole plate, a milled face and a PEBAX insert.

All of the putters have a black, platinum and natural steel, or just black, colour scheme for a real classic and stylish look.

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Ping Anser 2022 Putter Review

Ping Anser Putter

No Ping series is complete without a version of the Anser, the classic blade that has survived the test of time over and over again.

The latest version, one of two Ansers in the series, boast a platinum topline and contrasting black cavity for a really pleasing look on the eye.

This Anser has tungsten toe and heel weights to create stability and forgiveness, while a stainless steel milled face generates good ball contact from any distance.

Weighing 345g and coming with a 35-inch graphite shaft, the Anser suits golfers with a slight arc putting stroke.

Ping Anser 2D Putter Review

Ping Anser 2D Putter

Almost identical to the Anser, the 2D model has a couple of notable differences – the first being an all-matte black putter head with no platinum combination from the topline.

Slightly heavier than the Anser at 360g with a marginally wider putter head, the Anser 2D has a PEBAX insert in the face and a shallow milled surround instead of a fully-milled face.

The PEBAX insert produces a slightly softer feel off the club face than the full milled face of the Anser.

The same tungsten toe and heel weights are present in this model, which is in the bag of Tony Finau.

The blade comes with a graphite shaft, a 35-length shaft and is suited to a slight arc putting stroke.

Ping Kushin 4 Putter Review

Ping Kushin 4 Putter

The new Kushin 4 putter is the third of the blade options in the series and is designed to suit golfers with a strong arc stroke – differing from the two Anser models in that respect.

It has a full shallow milled face for a firm feel off club face and consistent ball speeds from any length of putt.

The Kushin has the constructing platinum topline and matte black rear and cavity for a stylish and beneficial look.

Again, toe and heel weights are a key design element for stability with the Kushin 4 weight 355g in total. It comes with a 35-inch chrome steel shaft as standard.

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Ping DS72 Putter Review

Ping DS72 Putter

One of three DS72 options in the line-up and one of four mid-mallets, this model has been a tour-level feel having been trialled by Ping staffers – most notably in the winning bag Viktor Hovland.

The larger putter head inspires confidence, while the platinum topline, white sight line and matte black putter head help improvement alignment.

Featuring a full shallow milled face, just as it does in the PLD Putters range, the DS72 delivers a firm feel off the putter and impressive consistency when it comes to ball speed.

The mid-mallet features a 35-inch double-bend chrome steel shaft, weighs 365g and is a good option for golfers with a slight arc or straight through putting stroke.

Ping DS72 C Putter Review

Ping DS72 C Putter

Hot on the back of the popularity of the DS72, Ping have added a centre-shafted model of the putter known as the DS72 C.

Identical in all other aspects to the DS72, this model offers what Ping describe at “visual symmetry” with the shaft in the centre of the putter head which has the platinum and black colour contrast.

The toe-heel weights are also present in this model to keep the head stable through impact, while the face in the version is also shallow milled for a firm feel.

Like the other versions, the shaft is 35 inches and chrome steel with this C model marginally heavier than the DS72 at 370g. It is suited to a straight putting stroke.

Ping DS72 Armlock Putter Review

Ping DS72 Armlock Putter

Ping have added an Armlock version of the DS72 with a longer shaft and grip for players who utilise an armlock grip on the putting greens.

Armlock is when the grip and shaft on the putter rests against the front arm with a forward press for stability. As a result, this model comes with six degrees of loft to counter the armlock position.

The face is shallow milled live the other DS72 models and produced a firm feel and impressively consistent ball speeds and roll.

The Armlock mid-mallet also features the platinum topline and black cavity for a really pleasing look over the ball.

Weighing the same 365g as the DS72 putter, the Armlock features a chrome double bend shaft and is suited to a slight arc stroke or a straight back and through.

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Ping Shea Putter Review

Ping Shea Putter

The Shea putter is the fourth of the mid-mallet options, and the alternative to the trio of the DS72 models.

This putter has a classic half-moon shape to the clubhead with a beautiful contrast between the platinum topline and the black cavity back, which has a long alignment line for better aim.

Like the other putters, the Shea features tungsten toe and heel weights for stability through the stroke and maximum forgiveness on the putting greens.

The Shea comes with a 35-inch graphite shaft as standard and is an ideal choice for golfers with a slight arc stroke.

Ping Mundy Putter Review

Ping Mundy Putter

One of four mallets in the range, the Mundy putter inspires confidence over even the most difficult of putts with a large putter head.

The all-black putter features long, full length alignment line with the three aids set to a ball width to help hole more putts.

The putter features an aluminium body, a 304 stainless steel sole plate and PEBAX insert in the face along with a smooth milled surround.

The combination of materials has allowed Ping to create a light mallet at just 355g and move the CG low and back in this model.

Suited to a slight arc or straight putting stroke, the Mundy has a 35-inch double-bend chrome steel shaft.

Ping Prime Tyne 4 Putter Review

Ping Prime Tyne 4 Putter

Ping’s Prime Tyne 4 model makes the grade in this 2022 series with the forked mallet getting a new look with the platinum topline and classy black putter head.

The face is this model is shallow milled for a firmer strike on putts than the Mundy offers with the PEBAX insert.

Slightly heavy at 365g, the Prime Tyne is suited to a strong arc putting stroke and is designed for maximum forgiveness and to remain square through impact.

The Prime Tyne 4 mallet comes with a 35-inch chrome steel shaft.

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Ping Prime Tomcat 14 Putter Review

Ping Tomcat 14 Putter

The Tomcat 14 is a design that divides opinion with this large mallet having a very unique look with visually a lot going on over the ball.

The putter features a ball-width runway of dotted lines with a hollow square between them, as well as curved wings and weights at the back.

The putter head design is multi-material with an aluminium body and a 304 stainless steel sole plate to keep the CH low and back in this model, which is the heaviest of the options at 380g.

The Tomcat 14 boasts the highest MOI of any of the putters in the range and is the most forgiving.

The putter features a smooth milled face for fast ball speeds, comes with a 35-inch double-bend chrome steel shaft and is suited to a straight putting stroke.

Ping Tyne G Putter Review

Ping Prime G Putter

The Tyne G model features the Ping centre cutout hole that first debuted in the Fetch model, allowing you to pick the ball up – as well as save weight from the putter head that is 360g.

Weight is distributed around the perimeter of the putter to increase the forgiveness and the stability of this model, which is ideal for golfers with a slight arc stroke or straight putting action.

The all-black putter head features a single white sightline on the topline as well as two more either side of the cutout at a ball’s width.

The Tyne G features a PEBAX insert for a softer feel off the face, which also has a shallow milled surround. The putter has a 35-inch double-bend chrome steel shaft as standard.

Verdict: Are Ping 2022 Putters any good?

Ping have incorporated a real mixture of putters into the new 2022 series and it is no surprise that they believe there is an option for every golfer.

Whether you use blades or mallets, have an arc or a straight putting stroke, or like a soft or firm feel from the face, there really is an ideal candidate for your bag.

Not only do these Ping putters look good, they are also incredibly forgiving with stability a key feature. There is not a lot to dislike across the entire range.

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What is the Ping 2022 Putters release date?

The new putters are available to buy from September 2022.

How much do Ping PLD Milled putters cost?

The price of the putters vary from model to model but are generally available at £269 / $300.

Which Ping putter is best?

In the 2022 range, it is hard to compared the best from the rest. All have an attribute to benefit certain golfers, whether that is stroke shape, feel or forgiveness.