Puma Ignite NXT Shoes Review

Puma launched Ignite NXT range of spikeless golf shoes

Puma Ignite NXT Lace

Things have been taken to the next level with the Puma Ignite NXT shoes coming with three different lace options.

No two golfers are the same when it comes to preferred option of golf shoes, and Puma have realised just that. Now, the Ignite NXT range features three different lacing choices in the same shoe.

The spikeless Ignite range has already been well received, but the clever choice of traditional laces, a new Solelace system and a Disc lacing option makes the NXT the most impressive Puma range yet.

What Puma say about the Ignite NXT range:

“The iconic IGNITE spikeless franchise has been taken to the NXT level. Built from the ground up with Pro-Form TPU outsole with an Organically-Altered Traction pattern.

“A full-length IGNITE Foam midsole, wrapped in SoleShield for added durability, provides unparalleled comfort and energy return to help you feel and play your best all day long.

“The upper features a flat-knit waterproof mesh vamp with PWRFRAME reinforcement. Integrated with the SOLELACE Closure System, TPU SOLELACE units allow the lace to completely wrap the foot and secure the midsole around your foot.

“The innovative materials and progressive design provide the performance you need on the course and the style you need while off it.”

Puma Ignite NXT Shoes Design

The Ignite NXT range takes Puma-Cobra into new ground with three different lacing formats including one unique design for these spikeless shoes.

Designed for comfort with an attractive training shoe look in all three lacing options schemes, the NXT Ignite shoes are packed with technology too.

Puma’s Pro-Form TPU outsole design is present with 100 hexagon lugs design in a pattern to give maximum traction and provide stability and confidence.

Soleshield, a protective TPU film, has been added on top of the Ignite foam midsole to help protect it and maintain the colour. The foam provides “energy return, responsive comfort, stable cushioning and superior step-in comfort” in the NXTs.

A breathable waterproof mesh features across the toes and front of the shoe, with what Puma has called a Pwrframe TPU added to it to increase durability throughout the swing.

Puma Ignite NXT Lace

Puma Ignite NXT Lace

The standard version of the Ignite NXT shoes is the Lace, which features a traditional lacing method.

They are available in six colour options: grey/black, navy blue, light grey, black, white and white/navy.

Puma Ignite NXT Solelace

Puma Ignite NXT Solelace

The Solelace closure system is something completely new, with Puma’s development team coming up with the notion that wrapping the laces further round the foot and threading them through the midsole increases stability.

The result is what they describe as “offering 360-degree support while securing the midsole and outsole directly to your foot for the ultimate ground feel”.

The Solelace shoes are available in five colours: black, grey/navy, olive/black, navy blue and light grey.

Puma Ignite NXT Disc

Puma Ignite NXT Disc

The Disc system, which is also used by other manufacturers, sits on the top of the shoe in the NXT design and tightens laces with each turn to provide maximum stability.

The Disc shoe is available in six colours: grey/black, navy blue, light grey, black, white and white/navy.

Puma Ignite NXT Verdict

If you are a fan of Puma’s golf shoes, the summer spikeless range just got a whole lot better with the launch of the Ignite NXT shoes.

The style is classic training shoe look across the whole range, and more stability and traction has been provided with new additions to the design element in the latest range.

What is most impressive is the lacing options. We, as golfers, all have a different preference when it comes to lacing up and you get that with the NXTs without having to choose a different style of shoe.

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