Rife RG5 Putter Review (VALUE Putter with Roll Technology)

The RG5 putter is a balance mallet model from Rife

Rife’s new mallet but has Roll Groove Technology.

Rife RG5 Putter

The Rife RG5 putter is a value for money mallet model with a unique face for improved roll and pace control.

Rife are known for creating budget golf clubs and the RG5 certainly fits into that category. But it is not short on technology to help you hole more putts.

The putter features Rife’s Roll Groove Technology with a milled face, and is perfectly balanced thanks to dual wings and central bar, as well as offset in the neck for the ideal look over the ball.

What Rife says about the RG5 putter:

“This putter range is every golfer’s dream, with exclusive Rife milled face system (Roll Groove Technology) which offers the optimum in truer roll and putting consistency.

“Roll Groove Face Technology scorelines with 2 degrees of loft immediately start the ball to roll. This prevents skidding at impact to keep your ball on its intended target line, providing better distance control.

“Rife is the only company that uses this unique feature that has made Rife putter famous on world tours since the company started in 1996.

“The RG5 is a full mallet with dual-wings has a 3/4 shaft offset and a small over shaft offset neck, to provide an unobstructed view of the ball standing over your putt.

“The putter features a mid-size putter grip and has an attractive black PVD plated finish. To deliver confidence at address and results on any green.”

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Rife RG5 Putter Specs & Design

Rife RG5 Putter
Rife RG5 Putter
Rife RG5 Putter
Rife RG5 Putter

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