Rife RX5 Irons Review

The RX5 irons are a game-improving set at an affordable price

The Rife RX5 irons are an ideal starting point for beginners.

Rife RX5 Irons

Rife RX5 irons are a game-improving set of irons available at a price point that will appeal to many golfers.

A sister product to the wide sole Rife RX4 irons, the RX5s are much more traditional in looks but do feature an oversized head for maximum forgiveness.

It is the price of these steel irons, which are accompanied by the RX5 driver, RX5 woods and RX5 hybrids, that really stand out and make them an ideal purchase for newcomers to the game or golfers looking for value for money irons.

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Rife RX5 Irons Design & Features

The RX5 irons from Rife are simplistic in design and not overly packed with features, but these are all about improving the game of newcomers or higher handicappers.

The irons are cavity-back game enhancement clubs and have an oversized club head design for inspiring confidence over the ball.

They feature an undercut sole, which has been positioned to lower the CG of the irons and produce a higher ball flight and more forgiveness.

The RX5s are made from 431 stainless steel with a high quality chrome finish for a long lasting look that doesn’t age over use and time.

Rife RX5 Irons

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Verdict: Are Rife RX5 Irons any good?

The RX5 are not the highest quality of clubs aren’t going to add explosive distance to your game. But they are not being aimed at good golfers and lower handicap golfers, and for that reason they score highly.

These are clubs that help make the game easier for beginners, newcomers to the sport and high-handicappers who are looking for more consistency.

The design has been cleverly thought out to provide optimal ball flight for players who perhaps struggle to hit their irons. All in all, there is a lot to like about the RX5s – particularly the price.


How much do Rife RX4 irons cost?

A set of RX5 irons costs around £300/$400 for 5-iron to sand wedge.

What handicap do Rife irons suit?

Rife irons are an ideal choice for higher handicap golfers and beginners in the game. They also suit golfers who struggle for consistency from their irons.

Which Rife irons are the best?

The RX4 irons and RX5 irons are the best options from the Rife ranges. The RX5 are the more traditional looking of the models.