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Rife RX2 Package Set Review

Rife RX2 Package Set

The Rife RX2 Package Set is an ideal set for beginners and golfers looking to get kitted out for the first time.

It can be expensive to purchase new golf clubs, but it has become much more accessible with the Rife Package Set.

The RX2 set features a driver, woods, hybrids, irons and a putter as well as a stylish stand bag and head covers, to give you everything you need to start out in the game.

The Package Set doesn’t just have to be for beginners, however. It is an ideal purchase if you are in the market for new clubs at any affordable price.

Rife RX2 Package Set Design

The Rife RX2 driver, woods and hybrids have been designed to promote a high launch, generate extra club head speed and add distance to your game.

The set comes with a stylish stand bag in blue and black colours with a six-way divider system for clubs and an oversized top cuff

The bag features five handy zip pockets for balls, tees, gloves and other equipment, dual shoulder straps and automatically stands when placed on the ground.

Rife RX2 Package Set

Rife RX2 Driver

The RX2 driver has been designed to provide a solid foundation for beginners and extract maximum distance from the tee.

The design is focused on aerodynamic efficiency to increase club head speed and generate the kind of distances off the tee that golfers are craving.

The driver has a high MOI and low CG to provide forgiveness on off centre strikes while aiding launch angles. The 3-wood, which is part of the set, has similar characteristics and design features.

Rife RX2 Driver

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Rife RX2 Hybrids

The package set includes two hybrid – a 4-hybrid and 5-hybrid that provide the perfect solution for the gap between woods and irons.

The hybrids provide plenty of forgiveness whether being used from the fairway, rough or from the tee.

Rife RX2 Hybrids

Rife RX2 Irons

The Rife RX2 irons come in 6-SW and are oversized to inspire confidence over the ball, something that will really help the beginners this set is aim at.

The stainless steel irons promote accurate shots and sweet ball striking and come with a chrome finish for durability.

The irons feature a wide undercut sole design and a low CG to promote a high ball launch across the range.

Rife RX2 Irons

Rife RX2 Putter

The Rife RX2 premium putter is a semi-mallet design with a sleek black head. The putter is heel and toe weighted, features an alignment line.

The Roll Groove Technology provides consistent ball striking and promotes forward roll to allow you to hole more putts.

The putter also comes with an oversized grip as standard.

Rife RX2 Putter

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Rife RX2 Package Set Verdict

This is a value-for-money golf set that is the perfect option for newcomers to the game.

When starting out, you may not want to splash out big money when taking up golf for the first time. The RX2 set means you don’t have to.

You get everything you need to enjoy your first steps in golf, and the Rife set performs to a good standard.

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